Commercial flash freezer ARTLOCK Special Freezer (10000013290080)

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Product Overview


Product Overview

A unique freezer born from painstaking research
For nine years, we at DAY BREAK have probed every aspect of commercial food freezing, exploring and validating various principles
behind types of special refrigeration and how well they suit different foods, and, as a result, we have developed a proprietary
freezer loaded with the optimal techniques and expertise for special refrigeration. After a long period of time, we were finally
able to commercialize this Special Flash freezer.


Prevent excess damage to your food
In slow freezing, the speed at which water passes through the ice formation phase (0 to -5°C) is low. This creates large and
distorted ice crystals.
These destroy the cells that comprise the food, which causes dripping as the food thaws.
But the ARTLOCK freezer envelopes foods in high-humidity, chilled air to cool them rapidly and evenly, which produces tiny,
undistorted crystals of ice.
And these tiny ice crystals can shorten the thawing period, saving valuable time for your business.

Conventional freezing
Ice crystals in conventional freezing tend to become large, which destroys the cell membranes in food. When thawed,
water and nutrients leak out as drip loss, degrading freshness and flavor.

ARTLOCK [Special Flash freezing]
ARTLOCK freezes food by enveloping it in chilled air with a temperature of -35°C or less. This enables tiny, even ice crystals to
form, which protects the cell membranes and prevents drip loss. This means your food stays fresh and tasty even after thawing, for
higher customer satisfaction. The finer ice crystals also reduce the defrosting period, saving precious time.

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