Advanced Cornflakes Breakfast Cereal Processing Line/Corn Flakes Machine/Breakfast Cereal Production (11000000302957)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Advanced Cornflakes Breakfast Cereal Processing Line/Corn Flakes Machine/Breakfast Cereal Production

Producion Introduction
Breakfast cereal corn flakes is a brittle food with good rehydration, outside the red is not bad, taste lubricants,grain flavor is fragrant.Corn flakes mainly corn flour as the main raw material,added sugar, vitamins,mixed raw minerals, add a sufficient amount of water after kneading, aging, forming, baking and tableting in order to manufacture a sheet flavoring.

Machine Flow Chart

Mixing system---Extrusion system----Cooling system—Flaking system--Drying system—Toasted system---Sugar Spraying system ---Drying system---- Packing system

Machine Features

1.Mixer : Make the corn residue or corn flour added to a nutritional additive and mixing a proportion of water uniformly.

2.Screw conveyor : Marinated raw material fed to the extruder feed hopper.

3.Double screw extruder: The material in the feed hopper into the extrusion system, to produce small spherical particles.

4.Shaker:Dispersed particles, to avoid overlap pressed together into a tableting machine.

5.Air conveyor:Transported the particles into the tableting machine.

6. Flaking machine:Flaking the corn ball to raw corn flakes.

7.Air conveyor:Transfer the corn flakes to the baking oven.

8.Mutil-layer oven: Oven mostly is toaster,temperature between 0-200 degrees self-regulation through the control cabinet,internal stainless steel double mesh bag,baking time may be adjusted according to the speed,remove the water.

Flavoring system
power: 7.5kw
power: 60kw
Power: 20kw
Mixing various kinds of raw material
Drying puff corn snacks after extruding
This device is applicable to a wide range of puffing corn snacks and fried snacks in seasoning and coating oil or sugar
Working Principle
The motor drives the stirring cage, automatic water adding device and pneumatic discharge valve
The heating source can be electric, gas, steam and fuel. The material is stainless steel 304. It consists of rack
system,conmbustion system, dehumidifier system, sheet metal insulation system and controlling system.
Spraying nozzle can adjust oil amount equally. The sugar coating is built up by tumbler system. The tumbler is derived by a motor,
using for mixing and melting the water, sugar and other additives.

Packing & Delivery

1.Daub coal oil on the surface of the machines.
2.Plastic film as the inner packing.
3.Standard export wooden case as the outer packing.
4.Ship,Train or depend on clients` requirement.


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