MQ131 Ozone Gas Sensor Module Low Concentration O3 Air Quality Monitoring

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Product Name: ozone gas detection sensor module
[semiconductor heating — — qualitative detection]
[analog and TTL level signal output]
[Analog output voltage and concentration is not linear relationship, the analog voltage needs to be converted into resistance ratio, and then the specific concentration value can be calculated through the logarithmic relationship. ]
Size: 35mm X40mm X28mm long * width * high
Two. Main components: ozone gas sensor
Three, working voltage: DC 5V

Four. Characteristics
1, module with level signal output, with alarm signal indicator.
2, sensor module with analog signal output, voltage range: 0-5V;
3, level signal output low level effective, can drive PNP transistor, also can connect microcontroller IO port;
4, the analog output voltage increases with the increase of ozone concentration, the higher the concentration, the higher the voltage.
5, high sensitivity to low concentration ozone gas.
6. It has long service life and reliable stability.
7, preheating has fast response recovery characteristics.
8, with installation holes, convenient fixed installation;
9, the probe can be plugged out for easy trial.
10, module with temperature compensation function, adaptability is more reliable.

Five, application:
Mainly used for qualitative detection, suitable for household, environmental gas detection equipment, suitable for ozone gas detection, gas sensor concentration range: 10 to 1000ppb, see the information description; provide sensor product instructions.

Sensor parameters
1, heating voltage: 5± 0.2V (AC· DC)
2, working current: 180mA
3, the circuit voltage is DC5V (Max DC 24V).
4, load resistor: 10K (adjustable)
5, detection concentration range: 10-1000ppb
6, clean air voltage: ≤ 1.5V
7, sensitivity: ≥ 3%
8, response time: ≤ 1S (preheating for 30-50 minutes, theoretical warm-up time 48 hours)
9, reply time: ≤ 30S
10, component power consumption: ≤ 0.9W
11, working temperature: -10~50 C (nominal temperature 20 C)
12, working humidity: 95%RH (nominal humidity 65%RH)
13, service life: 5 years.
14, size: 35mm× 40mm× 28mm
15, weight size: 15g (approx.)






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