PENBBS 308 fountain pen Art nib color resin adult student business writing practice gift pen made in china

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Price:$20.00 - $30.00
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Product Overview


Product Parameters
Length after removing the cap
Packing weight
Maximum Diameter
Cap Diameter
Nib Diameter
Art F(0.4mm-0.6mm)
Ink Storage Method
Rotating inking device

Special note:
Please note: if you want to buy purple cloud color and forgiveness color, please note that these two colors change greatly. The pen body may be blue or purple, and the color of the pen holder may be different. The green of forgiveness can be deep and light. However, all pens are shipped randomly, so you cannot select only one pen, so you cannot provide color preference. The material thickness of Aurora color will affect the color depth, so the pen item of this color is lighter than the pen holder and pen sleeve because the material is thin and the pen tip reflects light. You can see the following picture. Please consider the purchase clearly and be prepared. If you can't accept this situation, please don't buy these two colors, please buy other colors. So as not to delay your time by negotiating returns. thank you.

1: The pen is turned from a resin stick. The body of the pen has a unique taste of resin material, which is harmless to human body and does not affect its use. For those who are sensitive to smell, place the pen in a ventilated place to disperse the smell for a few days. 2: Nib setting f nib is 0.3-0.4mm. The M nib is set between 0.5-0.7mm. This setting is the actual size of the nib, which does not mean that the size of the writing trace you can get when writing with the nib is 0.3-0.4mm. The actual writing trace size may be greater than 0.3-0.4mm due to the influence of paper, ink, writing strength and other problems. Please note that if you can't accept it, please don't buy it. It is not acceptable to return or exchange goods for such reasons as the size of the writing trace does not meet the expected imagination.

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