Milk Processing Line Yogurt Production Plant

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With a product that can be stored for long periods without spoiling and with no need for refrigeration, there are many advantages for both the producer, the retailer and the consumer. This includes expensive products such as cream, desserts and sauces.
In a modern UHT plant (Ultra High Temperature) the milk is pumped through a closed system. On the way it is preheated, highly heat treated, homogenized, ultra highly heat treated, cooled and packed aseptically. Low acid (pH above 4.5-for milk more than pH 6.5) liquid products are usually treated at 135 -150℃ for a few seconds holding, by either indirect heating or direct steam injection or infusion. High acid (pH below 4.5) products such as juice are normally heated at 90-95℃ for 15 - 30 seconds holding. All parts of the system downstream of the actual highly heating section are of aseptic design to eliminate the risk of reinfection, include aseptic packaging in packages protecting the product against light and atmospheric oxygen. Ambient storage is normal.

Project Selection As Followed:
Processing Type
Milk / Yogurt / Skimmed milk
Capacity  Chosen
Sterilizing Type
Sterilizing Temperature
65-80℃ / 85-95℃ / 135℃
Sterilizing Time
5-30min / 15-30s / 4-9s
Packing Type
Glass bottle / Plastic bag / Plastic cup

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