Large Capacity Dried Rose Dehydrator Dryer High Efficiency Beverage Drier Machine Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven (1600317469062)

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The heat pump tray dryer adopts a high temperature resistant long-axis circulating fan, and the forced hot air heated by the electric heating pipe or the steam heat exchanger circulates in the oven, which enhances the heat transfer, improves the water evaporation rate, and shortens the drying time.The whole dryer chamber adopts a fully enclosed structure, most of the hot air is circulated in the cabinet, and the humid and hot air is reasonably discharged and fresh air is supplied, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving. Under the action of forced ventilation, the material is dried evenly.


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Why Choose Us?
Our factory is a high-tech enterprise in China and a comprehensive production and processing service provider of agricultural products.Our factory advantages are as follows:
50 years of drying experience, founded in 1972 in China;
60+ national patents and copyrights;
30000+ square meter factory area;
60+ exported to about 60 countries;
200+ managers,sales and technicians;

4+ manufacturing bases (in 2*Sichuan(panda hometown),1*Foshan,1*Guizhou province)
6000+ domestic and foreign customer cases ,including complete drying processing lines,involving fruits(wolfberry,jujube,avocado), vegetables(konjac, cassava,mushroom), seafood(stock, anchovy, squid),condiments(pepper, garlic,ginger), flowers(rose, honeysuckle), Chinese herbal medicine( and other materials;
Various heat sources are available,including Electric Heating, Air Energy, Steam, Gas,PNG, LPG, LNG, Coal, Biomass.

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