Petroleum Distillation Tower Equipment Crude Oil Refinery System Process Machine With Distillation Tower

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Product Overview


Product Overview

High Quality Distillation Tower For Alcohol Ethanol Distiller System
It is suitable for recovery of dilute alcohol in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and some other industries. It is also suitable for
the distillation of products like methanol, and it reduces production costs and increases economic benefits.

The alcohol recovery tower is composed of tower kettle, tower body, condenser, buffer tank, high-level tank, cooler and valve,
pipeline etc.

Its working principle is to use the low boiling point of alcohol, the dilute alcoholic solution is heated through a temperature a
little higher than alcohol boiling point. When distillation by the tower, the alcohol gas volatilizes to improve the concentration
of alcohol solution to realize the alcohol recovery. The device can distill the dilute alcohol of 30 degrees to 50 degrees to 90
degrees to 95 degrees, and the residual liquid is discharged with a low alcohol content, and it meets the requirements of
environmental protection.

Physical & chemical properties

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Tower internals workshop
The workshop is equipped with 2 * 6m 3000W large laser cutting equipment, servo CNC bending machine, CNC turret punch, laser welding machine, shearing machine and other high-end equipment. The workshop has an annual output of 8000 tons of trays and internals, and is equipped with automatic degreasing and pickling purification line to meet the different needs of customers and keep improving.
Precision mold workshop
The workshop is equipped with the
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Metal Random packing Workshop
The workshop has 22 full-automatic stamping production lines, The original
multi process integrated stamping die is equipped with intelligent detection device, which is free of maintenance for 300000 times and repair free for 500000 times.With an annual output of 30000 cubic meters of finished products.
Metal structured Packing Workshop
The metal structured packing workshop has an annual output of 20000 cubic meters of finished products. It is equipped with eight advanced high-speed stamping production lines. It adopts Sanyuan guideway machine equipped and high-speed servo feeding technology to stamping 600 times / min, and keep the forming accuracy within 0.1 mm. Also it is equipped with two top-level automatic plate wave production lines independently researched and developed.


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By providing professional mass transfer materials and industrial equipment solutions, we constantly provide system solutions for chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, coking, chlor alkali, salinization, electric power,
environmental protection, oil refining, coal to liquid, pharmaceutical, water treatment, fire protection and other enterprises, and carry out in-depth cooperation with many well-known enterprises for co-development.

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Plastic Teller Rosette Ring


Q1:What's the MOQ?
A1 : The MOQ is 1 cubic meter or 1 ton, The price will be higher if the quantity is less than 1 cubic meter or 1 ton.
Q2 : What are the terms of payment?
A2 : T/T , L/C at sight, Papal , Alibaba Trade Assurance and etc.
Q3 : What's the delivery time?
A3 : About 3-7 days .after received the fund.
Q4 : Can you provide free samples?
A4 : Yes , Sample will be free within 0.5 kg.

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