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Product Overview


Portable hydrogen absorber

Ingenuity Technology,Nine core technologies

Importance of hydrogen

You know what?
People can't live without oxygen, they can't live without hydrogen!

Why is inhaling hydrogen
good for the body?
Reactive oxygen species are harmful to the body because of its strong oxidizing power, and its strong oxidizing power can damage the cells. Not only aging, many diseases and lifestyle diseases are caused by reactive oxygen species.

Hydrogen is
permeable and diffusive
Because hydrogen is a very small and light molecule in the universe, it can quickly spread to the whole body in a very short time, penetrate the cell membrane and reach the mitochondria.

Hydrogen medicine

Hydrogen medicine. Voice
from authority
The health benefits of hydrogen have long been confirmed by medical circles at home and abroad. In the future, hydrogen can easily meet the needs of all kinds of people.

Many medical works have been published accordingly
Hydrogen molecular medicine is confirmed by the research and practice of authoritative experts and scholars at home and abroad

Hydrogen + Technology With health
Small hydrogen molecules, with strong reducing power, can selectively neutralize free radicals and bring new power to human body

Our strengths

SPE hydrogen oxygen
separation electrolysis
Stable hydrogen production, sufficient gas production and high purity

Intelligent detection,Let you enjoy your hydrogen life
With intelligent detection function,everything can be done for you

One machine and multiple uses
make life more convenient
Hydrogen absorption+ hydrogen production water

Small, light and easy to carry
Take health with you at home / work / by car

Product details

Product diagram and product parameters

Product Name
portable hydrogen absorber
Product model
Type of cup body
straight cup
Input power
DC 12V / 8A
Rated power
Hydrogen purity
Gas output
150ml / min
Water tank capacity
Shell material
 aerospace grade aluminum magnesium alloy + imitation marble surface treatment process
Applicable raw water type
purified water / distilled water (TDS 2.5ppm)
Electrolytic mode
Hydrogen production by electrolysis with SPE hydrogen oxygen separation
Electrode membrane material
Zhubang proton membrane imported from USA + high purity platinum coating
Host size / net weight
120x120x190mm / 1.6kg
Package size / gross weight
295mm * 180mm * 260mm / 3kg

Workshop environment
Henan Shuman Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industrial company with health industry as the core, integrating scientific research, production and sales.
It has a core production base, injection molding plant, production and assembly plant, mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of low-frequency resonance instrument, Hertz water meter, Hertz super energy meter and other Hertz resonance products.

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