Вкус и аромат извлечения экстракт ферментов

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The extraction of effective ingredients in plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits is an important process in many health care products and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and its extraction efficiency is one of the key links in product quality and cost control.

Because most of the target substances extracted from plants are encapsulated in the cell wall, the traditional cell wall breaking method is not efficient. Therefore, the extraction efficiency is generally low, which not only increases production costs, but also wastes valuable plant resources. The cellulase, hemicellulase, β-glucanase and pectinase contained in this product can significantly increase the destruction rate of plant cell walls on the basis of traditional technology, so that the extraction target can be more fully released , Significantly improve the extraction yield.


Put the fully broken substrate evenly into a 1:5-1:8 water bath, adjust the pH of the water bath to 4.0-5.0 with an acid (such as oxalic acid, acetic acid, citric acid, etc.) that meets the relevant grade, and then press the calculation Pour the preparation into a water bath in a good proportion and stir it thoroughly. The following factors may greatly affect the effect of use. Please confirm after sufficient experimentation.

1. The pH of the water bath, the effective range of pH is: 4.0-5.0, the best value is 4.8

2. Temperature: The temperature of the water bath is effective between 15°C and 62°C. The best temperature is 50°C. When it is lower than 50°C, the action time needs to be prolonged. 10-24 hours at room temperature can generally achieve the effect. To shorten the time, you need to increase the amount of use.

3. Stirring: Properly agitating the water bath is conducive to the hydrolysis effect of the enzyme. If fully agitated every 10 minutes, the processing time can be shortened by 1/2.

4. Fragmentation: Generally speaking, the higher the substrate fragmentation, the more obvious the effect.

5. Addition: when the flowers, leaves, and fruits of land plants are used as the substrate, the addition amount of the preparation is the weight of the substrate

0.1—0.3%. When the roots and stems of land plants are used as the substrate, the dosage of the preparation is 0.3-0.6% of the substrate. When marine plants are used as the substrate, the dosage of the preparation is 0.8-0.3% of the substrate.

6. Expected effect: After the correct method is used, the extraction rate will generally increase by more than 15%. If this effect is not achieved, please contact our company or local agent.

Storage packaging

1. The liquid of this product is a dark liquid preparation, and the solid is a light yellow powder.

2. Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place.

3. When the temperature is 25℃, the enzyme activity loses less than 5% of liquid and less than 1% of solid every three months.

4. The standard packaging of this product is 30Kg/barrel for liquid and 25Kg/barrel for solid. ,


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