Alkaline Protease amylase pectinase cellulase Lipase used as detergent enzyme

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Alkaline protease is Bacillus subtilis through by deep fermentation, extraction and refining of a proteolytic enzyme, are cut within a serine alkaline protease, which can generate hydrolyzed protein molecule peptide or amino acid polypeptide. With a strong ability to break down proteins, it is widely used in washing and other industries.


Washed dedicated Aspergillus amylase is an α- amylase produced by microbial fermentation, the hydrolysis of the starch in the α-1,4- glucoside bond, capable of varying starch cut into shorter dextrin and a small amount of short chain low molecular weight carbohydrates, are widely used in the detergent industry.


Alkaline pectinase is a highly alkaline pectin lyase,
which contains 90% or more lyase, pectinase enzymes within the various components of hydrolyzing enzymes, can effectively decompose and remove the main component of pectin and other common organisms plastic resin, is an ideal for removing all kinds of dirt glial biological agents, it is widely used in cotton, interwoven or blended fibers and other clothing in the washing process.


Alkaline cellulase Alkaline cellulose  is a high concentration of cellulase series, generally at (pH6.5 ~ pH9.5) in basic conditions for smooth fabric finishing. Alkaline cellulase with cellulase all effect. While the broad (pH6.5 ~ pH9.5) range with other processes.


Fungal lipase through by deep fermentation, extraction and refining a fat hydrolase. I.e. triacylglycerol lipase acyl hydrolase, which catalyzes the hydrolysis of natural fats substrate, generating fatty acids, glycerol and mono- or diesters. Alkaline lipase is a major role in fatty acid and its esters dirt, that is, we usually referred to the oil category. With a strong ability to break down fat and is widely used in the detergent industry.


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