Лидер продаж, фермент для отбеливания целлюлозы/бумаги, ксиланаза, специальная био помощь, отбеливающий фермент в качестве промышленного химического вещества для производства (62591863669)

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It is a Pulp/Paper Bleaching Enzyme Xylanase and it was developed from a proprietary strain of bacterium for the paper pulp industry. The application of the enzyme, xylanase,to the cooked pulp removes some of the re-precipitated xylan. This opens up the pulp matrix, allowing the release of trapped soluble lignin. At the same time it allows bleaching chemicals to penetrate more effectively.
Pulp/Paper Bleaching Enzyme Xylanase

Appearance: Brown liquid or ppowder (Note that color does not affect or reflect activity.)
Odor: slight fermentation
Enzyme dosage: 100-200ml /ton of dry pulp
Suitable pH value: 6.5-11.0
Appropriate temperature: 35-65 ℃
Pulping Time: about 40 min.
Pulp/Paper Bleaching Enzyme Xylanase
Product Benefits:
Reduce the consumption of bleaching chemical and reduce the chemical cost.
Increase the pulp whiteness and it can increase the whiteness about 2%-5%.
Decrease the available chlorine amount in bleaching waste water,it can significantly reduce COD, BOD and color of effluent.
Increase Pulp Production Capacity.

Pulp/Paper Bleaching Enzyme Xylanase

Dosage: 100g-200g/ton of dry pulp
Adding Place: The entrance of tank before bleaching or in the riser.
Pulp consistency: between 6 and 10% (recommended 8%)

It maintains its stated activity for at least six months when stored at temperatures below 25℃. The product maintains its activity for considerably longer when stored at lower temperatures. The product should not be frozen.


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