GPRS smart ultrasonic gas meter CWG2.5-CWG40

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Product Overview


Product Description

1.Product introduction
CGW series ultrasonic gas meter is a new generation of high-tech gas meter. The ultrasonic gas meter obtains flow data through
ultrasonic flow channel, relies on NB-IoT network and cloud server to realize data exchange, and stores the collected meter
information to cloud database through cloud server. And through the development of backend WEB application client and mobile
client, it also enables further analysis, processing, management and application of gas data.

2.Product Features
2.1 Safety protection: reverse flow protection, gas type identification, micro leakage protection, idle shutdown protection;
2.2 Temperature compensation: volume Correction -40℃~+55℃;
2.3 Remote payment: wechat public platform, mobile APP;
2.4 Remote monitoring: valve status, battery status, flow status, communication status;
2.5 Remote alarm: fault alarm, event upload;
2.6 Remote control: state control, parameter setting, online upgrade, data proof reading.

3. Technical parameter

3.1 Accuracy Level: ±1.0% 、±1.5%;
3.2 Flow range: 0.016~40(m³/h);
3.3 Minimum Flow: <1L;
3.4 Pressure Level: <50kPa;
3.5 Core Components: Ultrasonic measurement unit (Panasonic);
3.6 Measurement Channel: mono/multi;
3.7 Power Supply: Lithium battery;
3.8 Communication: LORA, GPRS, NB-IoT;
3.9 Temperature Range: -40℃~+55℃;
3.10 Protection Level: IP65;
3.11 Explosion-proof Level: Exib Ⅱ T3 Gb;
3.12 Applications: resident, hotel, factory, etc.

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