Cnc Steel Bar Shear Line High Speed Mm Rebar Cutting Line Cut To Length Line

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Product features:
1. It can automatically complete the automatic cutting of the steel bar end, cut the end face flat and be directly set of silk.
2. The steel bar sizing mechanism is controlled by servo motor, and the distance between the cutting edge and the positioning baffle is adjusted by the servo motor driving the screw mechanism. It can be measured by encoder, and can cut steel bars of different lengths.
3. The sawing machine has high production efficiency, and it can automatically cut the length of both ends of raw steel bars. The sawing machine adopts the design of double columns, which makes the lifting and sawing stable; The steel bar is pressed by hydraulic cylinders on both sides, which has high pressure. During sawing, the steel bar will not rotate, reducing the damage to the saw blade, and cutting the steel bar evenly.
4. The conveying platform of the first-stage threading roller table adopts chain transmission, which can temporarily store the steel bars after trimming, realize the assembly line operation of processing operation, reduce the secondary handling of equipment and improve the production efficiency.
5, the degree of automation is high, and the labor intensity is reduced. The whole machine is equipped with transverse feeding device, which is convenient for feeding.
6. The automatic threading wire is connected with the steel bar sawing equipment, and the steel bar enters the sawing equipment. After being cut to the specified length, it directly enters the threading equipment, without occupying the site to store the steel bar. It takes less time from the raw steel bar to the semi-finished products of both ends, and the intelligent material turning mechanism will automatically turn the material when the current working procedure is completed. The raw material storage rack of the sawing and threading production line adopts large tonnage storage, which can be used in conjunction with the automatic bar feeder, and the next batch can be carried out before the last cycle is finished, thus shortening the cycle period.
7. Fully automatic feeding roller table to avoid secondary handling of raw materials; The conveying, turning and transferring of steel bars are all completed by machinery, which greatly improves the efficiency; Steel conveying roller adopts V-type wear-resistant roller, which is wear-resistant, low noise and long service life.

Baoshi1 No.1 CNC steel bar sawing and lapping production line
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Company Profile

Hebei Zhijian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research and development of steel bar processing machinery technology and product manufacturing for more than 30 years. The main products include CNC steel bar straightening and cutting machine, CNC steel bar hoop bending machine, straightening and bending hoop integrated machine, five-head bending hoop Machine, steel bar sawing and sleeve wire grinding production, intelligent steel cage skeleton forming machine, CNC steel cage winding machine, intelligent steel cutting and bending machine, steel truss welding production line, steel mesh welding machine, etc. In the past three years, the company's related products have been widely used in housing construction, steel bar processing plants, bridge construction, railway and highway construction and other fields. The domestic and provincial share of the products are in the forefront, of which Hebei Province has a market share of more than 50%. , with a domestic market share of more than 30%, won the title of national high-tech enterprise in 2021, won the title of science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises in Hebei Province in 2021, and was rated as an AAA-level integrity management demonstration unit in March 2021. In March 2021, it was rated as an AAA-level contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise. In March 2021, it was rated as an AAA-level enterprise credit rating. In March 2021, it was rated as a AAA-level integrity unit in China's machinery manufacturing industry. , In March 2021, it was rated as an AAA-level enterprise credit unit for bidding. In March 2021, the company's legal person was awarded the title of China's Integrity Entrepreneur, and in April 2022, it was awarded the title of Hebei Province's Specialized Special Technology Enterprise.

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1.What's the order process?
1)Inquiry---provide us all clear requirements (total qty and package details).
2)Quotation---officaial quotation from with all clear specifications from our professional team.
3)Marking Sample --- confirm all quotation details and the final sample.
4)Production---mass production.
5)Shipping---by sea or by air.
2.What terms of payment you use?
As for the payment terms,it depends on the total amount.
3.How do you ship the products?
By Sea ,By Air ,By courier, TNT , DHL, Fedex, UPS Etc. It is up to you .
4.What is the average delivery time?
Sample usually takes about 7-15 days depending on product type. Bulk order usually takes about 20 days.
5.How would I get a price list for a wholesaler ?
Please e-mail us, and tell us about your market with MOQ for each order. We would send the competitive price list to you ASAP.

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