4 Core 24awg retractable PU Coiled Flexible Extension Spiral Cable wire harness

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Spiral cable is our best selling items, please let me know your conductor size, curl length and quantity before make quotation, thank you.

8016 8mm RCA plug X power cables retractable spring cable spiral coiled cable for balance car,self-balancing scooter
What are the applications of spiral cables?
 It is necessary to use slingshot wire (spiral cable) in almost all industries. Spiral cables are used everywhere in communication (telephone, radio) or medical technology, electric locomotive industry, mechanical engineering, or lighting industry.   In addition to the electrical mechanical advantages, spiral cables are often used as excellent optical structural solutions. Environment friendly flexible analog and data integrated cable. For rated AC voltage 450 / 750 V or DC voltage 6 V-1000V below, Assembly circuits that need to be moved up and down summarize wiring. Such as all kinds of equipment, computers, electronic equipment, plug-in and medical, handling equipment, cars, trailers, asphalt paver, spring connecting lines and so on.
About price: Because the spring cable is basically produced on demand according to the customer's order, and each customer's demand is different, the price information is not completely accurate, because the factors that affect the price are: 1. For example, the price of environmental protection and non environmental protection is different; 2. The certification cable is different from the ordinary cable; 3. The length of the cable is different; 4. The specification of the cable is different; 5. The quantity; 6, Every day's copper price and rubber compound, these are to determine the cost of the product, so if you want to buy and have any special cable, please contact us directly.

Buyers guidelines:  (in order to enable you to obtain products and quotations timely and correctly, please be sure to consult according to the following conditions), the consultation rules are as follows: 1. Wire specification: conductor core section, number of cores 2. Length: outer curl diameter, curl length, straight length on both sides. 3. Quantity required, both ends handled. 4. What products and quotations do you want to purchase

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Shanghai Fengy Cable Technology Co., Ltd. is a cable manufacturing supplier for decades in the worldwide market. With factory in Shanghai, China, Shanghai Fengy specializes in providing one stop shopping and reliable factory-direct services to customers. Our product and service are including water level meter, uti oil water interface gauging tapes for tankers/uti tapes for marine application, power cord, spiral cables, robotic cables, elevator cables, crane cables, wire harness, customized cables and all related of cable suppliers.  


1. MOQ: 500pcs for test order for spiral cable
2. Payment term: T/T, paypal, west union or pay via Alibaba trade assurance.
3. Lead time for sample: around 1-2 weeks, lead time for mass production: around 3-4 weeks.

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