Copper braided wire flexible tinned or bare soft earth braids 0.15 0.1 0.3 0.2 diameter customized

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Product Overview


Tinned Copper Braid wire

6mm2 flat copper braided wire


Custom Made Wholesale Flat Bare Flexible Copper Braided Wire

Product Description

Copper Braid Specification

copper braided wire

flat copper braided wire

6mm2 flat copper braided wirecopper braided wire


Laminated Copper Flexibles


Laminated and Flexible Copper are developed from high conductivity based electrolytic grade copper sheets/foils. These are made using a press welding procedure where individual copper strips are fused through applying direct current as well as pressure without the need of foreign material.


The process assures minimum resistance and helps in increasing productâ€TMs service life as well as bringing a reduction in downtime. Further, these also come with superior mechanical & electrical properties at high temperatures.

flat copper braided wire


Copper Flexibles Braid


Braided and flexible copper is precision manufactured from high conductivity ETP grade Copper wire in different diameters including in diameters like 0.07 mm to 0.30 mm as well as in finish options comprising bare, tinned as well as silvered. These can be offered with contact areas comprising cold formed finish in solder less seamless tubular lugs that are put around braided strips. Further, these meet defined production demands and can be made available in variety of designs including in customized options for meeting job ­ specific applications.

6mm2 flat copper braided wire


Copper Flexibles Link


Flexible Link Copper delivers maximum conductivity and minimum voltage drop without any loss of flexibility in a braid. Designed as the flexible link, these find used in spot welding machines as well as provide clients with necessary Insulation on flexible as per their specific requirements. These are also stringently tested on defined parameters before being supplied to the customers. Further, we can also offer customized solutions as demanded by the customers.

copper braided wire


Copper Flexible Bus Bars


Copper Flexible Bus Bars are manufactured using superior grade copper comprising stacked strips coming with riveted/welded contact areas. Further, these flexible busbar feature constant cross­sections over whole length and can be loaded with same current. Here, a part of connectors are used as flexible expansion connectors so as to connect busbars with transformers, switch gears, generators and other equipment. These provide superior elasticity thermal expansion that also makes them to be used as expansion connectors for preventing damages related to vibrations which occur due to switch gear operations.

flat copper braided wire



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Company Information


Chenmi Power Electric Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer&trading company, which special in Flexible Copper Products for 15 years. Our main products is copper braided wires,flexible connectors and earthing pits. If you are intersted, hope you can contact us in time.

copper braided wire

flat copper braided wire

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