WIKA instrument

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Product Overview


WIKA instrument
As a member of the WIKA Group, WIKA China is headquartered in Suzhou, with 8 sales branches distributed throughout the country. WIKA is committed to providing high-quality services to customers in the industrial and process fields, and is constantly developing and gradually growing into an advanced manufacturer in the pressure, temperature and liquid level instrument industry.

Provide the following services:

Manufacturing of measuring instruments for pressure, temperature and liquid level

Customer customized measurement solutions

On-site service and installation guidance

Meter calibration service

Product technical consultation and training

product line

Versatility and flexibility

WIKA has a wide range of products and excellent technology, and can provide you with various measurement solutions. WIKA has multiple product lines to meet the most extensive application needs. In addition, different instruments can also be combined or expanded, for example, combined with diaphragm seals, capillaries or sheaths.


Good products are of the same origin — WIKA can provide gauge pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure measuring instruments with different ranges: pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, pressure sensors (also known as pressure transmitters), process transmitters Pressure gauge, pressure gauge with output signal, pressure switch and electric contact pressure gauge.

By using a diaphragm seal, the measuring instrument can be used normally in the temperature range of -90 to +400 °C and under conditions of aggressive, corrosive, uneven, abrasive, high viscosity or toxic media. We can provide the best diaphragm seal design, material and filling medium for each application.

Our accessories are also diverse, including valve blocks, protection devices (such as pressure gauge valve blocks, pressure gauge pistons and condenser tubes), installation accessories and electrical accessories.


For different temperature ranges, we can provide the best solution: WIKA electronic temperature measurement products include thermocouples, resistance thermometers (PTC and NTC), with integrated connectors or connecting cables and connectors. The measurement range is -200 to +1,700 °C. Our products cover temperature switches, analog and digital temperature transmitters, temperature controllers and digital displays.

Our dial thermometers use bimetallic, expansion or gas-packed working principles. This can ensure that the scale range of the instrument is always maintained at -200 to +700 °C under the conditions of different accuracy levels, response times and resilience of the product, and is not affected by the external environment.

For demanding operating conditions, the sheath provided by WIKA can be used in overall machining and welding designs. The main difference of the products provided is their design: with flange, thread or for welding. In addition, the sheath can also be applied to the Van Stone design and equipped with connectors for sanitary applications.

Liquid level

We can effectively manage your liquid level measurement: WIKA has a full range of liquid level monitoring products, which can be used in applications with temperatures up to 450 °C, minimum density of 400 kg/m³ and pressure up to 50 MPa in. Our products include magnetic flap level gauges, drop-in pressure sensors, glass plate level gauges, magnetic float level switches and photoelectric switches. WIKA can also provide customers with customized solutions.


The Wikali product line includes force sensors, load cells and hydraulic pressure sensors. It mainly includes tension and pressure sensors, tension sensors and cantilever beam sensors, single-point load cells, axle pin sensors, shear beam sensors, ring and special force sensors, as well as electronic and complete systems.


Our primary throttling component combination includes orifice plate, built-in orifice plate, flow nozzle, venturi tube, pitot tube and throttling orifice plate. In addition, WIKA can also provide flow switches and gas flow sensors. Our extensive product range allows us to meet almost all industrial application requirements. At the same time, we can also provide you with customized solutions.


To achieve the highest accuracy to meet every customer's requirements: WIKA can provide a full range of calibration instruments for the calibration of various pressure, temperature and other physical quantities and electrical values. Our calibration instrument has a number of patented technologies and has good performance.

We can not only calibrate measuring instruments in our own calibration laboratory certified by CNAS, but also provide customers with on-site calibration services.

SF6 gas solution

For factories with sulfur hexafluoride gas, a variety of professional equipment must be equipped to ensure proper operation. WIKA can provide you with a full range of SF6 gas life cycle management solutions with rich experience.

Engineering solutions

Your request-our solution: WIKA positions itself not only as a supplier of excellent measurement technology, but also as your extraordinary partner, able to develop customized solutions together with you.

Shanghai Yuke sells WIKA instruments, providing a series of fluid control process instrument solutions including temperature, pressure, flow, etc.

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