Humic Acid NPK Fertilizer Agricultural Water Soluble NPK 15 15 15

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Product Overview


Products Description

npk 15-15-15
White crystal and Customized
Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus(as P2O5)
Potassium (as K2O)

NPK Crystal (full water soluble)
* 100% water soluble,nutritional foliage spray that doesn't need agitation in the tank.
* High purity,can fully meet the demand of professional cultivation and outdoor ornamental plant.

Balanced formula of each kind of element
make it can avoid deficiency symptom,can better suit for greenhouse cultivation and make sure health growth of plant.
foliar application
When foliar application,it could percade and penetrate into the leaf very quickly.Also it can be used together with various
pesticide and herbicide

Water Soluble Fertilizer(NPK15-15-15)
The growth and development of crops are lack of Nitrogen,Phosphorus and Potassium deficiency


Compound Fertilizer
(NPK 15-15-15)
1.Widely used in field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, tea trees and other crops and economic crops.
2.Continuous application can significantly improve the content of soil organic matter,air permeability,water permeability and
fertilizer retention,so as to improve the soil and reduce the environmental pollution caused by chemical fertilizer.

Product packaging

compound fertilizer
npk15-15-15 use N.W. 50.00KGS/Blank Woven Bag

Our Group concentrates on production of organic fertilizer and organic & inorganic compound fertilizer. we have nearly 20-yearexperience of producing fertilizers and offering service for precision fertilizer users.

Fortunately, our factory rose up to the top 2 of organic fertilizer factories in China .With an annual production capacity of 1million tons, the manufactures are located in Mongolia, Xinjiang and Jilin provinces. The fertilizer mainly contain Amino Acid,
Humic Acid, Medium and trace elements etc.. The product is of a feature contains beneficial substances, organic matters,comprehensive nutritions , and the scientific formula.


The company has obtained a number of certifications such as the high-tech products certification, invention patents, ISO9001,ISO14001 and so on. Our group is well-known for the experts, high-tech talents, formed products, the development of researchproduction, and marketing team.

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