Agricultural organic compound fertilizer soil to improve water soluble humic acid crystal granule organic fertilizer

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Product Overview


Product Description

High quality compound fertilizer features
1. The product has high compressive strength and fast water solubility. The water content is generally below 1%, which can basically be controlled below 0.5%, which is suitable for various fertilization methods.
2. The nutrient of the product is uniform, which can promote the uniform growth of the crops and the overall growth is good.
3. The medium and trace elements in the product are effective. The middle and trace elements are processed by chelation
technology, which can further improve the effectiveness of nutrients and make it easier for crops to absorb.
4. The product has a high fertilizer utilization rate, and the nutrient release of the high-tower granulation compound fertilizer is relatively uniform, the fertilizer effect time is long, and the utilization rate is improved.
5. The product is suitable for re-coating, which can reduce production costs.
6. The product has the advantages of stable quality, pollution-free, and easy operation. The compound fertilizer produced is better than ordinary compound fertilizer.


Compound Fertilizer
Other Names
Water Soluble NPK
Place of Origin
Release Type
High Purity
Chemical Character
Chemical Neutral
Manufacturing Method
Compound Fertilizer
Transport Package
Infection on Soil
Physiological Neutral
Release Type
General Compound Fertilizer
Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit

Product efficacy

1. Rich in nutrition and many effects in addition to the nutrients contained in terrestrial plants, amino acids also contain
thousands of kinds of incomparable active substances, such as iodine, potassium, magnesium, manganese, titanium and other trace
elements, as well as seaweed polysaccharides, mannitol and other polysaccharides.
2. Natural Organic soil amendments Amino acid fertilizers contain natural compounds such as sodium alginate, a natural soil
conditioner that promotes the formation of soil aggregates, improves the pore space within the soil, coordinates the ratio of
solids, liquids, and gases in the soil, recovers from soil overload and the loss of natural colloidal balance due to chemical
pollution, increases soil biological activity, Promote the release of available nutrients, promote root growth, and increase plant

Packing & Delivery

1. We usually use the carton for packing.
2.As customer requirements packing.

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