UV Invisible Ink for Screen Printing Machine,Colorless to Orange,Nature Dry,1 kg/can

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Product Name
UV Invisible Ink
Dry Method
Air Dry
Printing Method
Screen Printing

uv invisible ink
Fluorescent ink, it is kind of transparent ink, often to be called invisible ink. Under irradiation 200~ 400 nm light, the
invisible ink gives out 400~800 nm visible light,
And the color can be red, yellow, black, green. Fluorescent ink depends on the different irradiation wavelength, there are two
kinds,Irradiation light wavelength 254 nm, the ink is called short wavelength, Irradiation light wavelength 365 nm, the ink is
called long wavelength, long wavelength ink can be irradiated by both 254nm and 365 nm light, but short wavelength ink only can be
irradiated by 254nm light.
Invisible UV ink, under common environment, it is transparent, under UV light, it is can be seen as yellow, green, red, or blue.

Used for:
Government ( ex: Birth Certificates, Licenses, Passports & etc.,)
- Private Banks ( ex: Checks, Bank Draft, Managers Check, Deposit
Certificates & etc.,)
- Private Companies (ex: Gift Check, Certificates, Plane Tickets,
Promotional, IDs, VISA Card, Membership Card & etc.)
- Medical /Pharmaceuticals Companies (ex: Medical, Health & Beauty
Products Packaging)
- Universities/ Colleges (ex: Diploma, Transcript of Records, IDs & etc.)
Patterns and logos printed with security ink can be checked by magnetic detector,and printed passwords can be read out by
information decoder and recognized through rubbing effect of automatic processingdevice.

Color: Yellow,green,blue, red

Printing process : offset ,Silk-screen and uv process products are all available .

Colorless in the sunlight, but can reflex its ture color under the UV light, just like the pictures show below.

Color: colorless-yellow,colorless-green,colorless-black,colorless-red.

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