Cheap Portable Ice Bath Tub Inflatable Cold Plunge Custom Recovery Pod Tubs Water Chiller Ice Bath

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Portable ice bath tub color:Black,white,light grey or customized.

Can be used together with Water Chiller(optional) to keep the water cold!

Health Benefits
Helps boost the immune system.
Improves circulation.
Deeper sleep.
Boost energy levels.
Reduce inflammation
Improves metabolic function.
lmproves mood.
Helps recovery.


Q:How cold does the chiller keep the water?
A:The chiller' will keep the water at a steady 3°C, all whilst filtering and keeping your water fresh.
Q:Does the chiller need to be left on?
A:We recommend leaving your chiller on when the ice bath is not in use, this is so that it can filter the water keeping itfresh.The chiller itself will turn off when it reaches your desired temperature, making it super energy eficient.Always switch the chiller unit off during an ice bath session.Q:Does it keep the water clean?
Q:Can you fit 1-2 people in ice bath tub?
A:We have tested this with many different sized people, and you can comfortably fit two in the bath at the same time, facingone another.The recovery Pod PRO dimensions are.

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