professional high pressure laminate hpl compact laminate bowling lanes board (1600928210828)

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Product Overview


HPL lanes offer several advantages over traditional wooden lanes. Firstly, they are resistant to warping and wear, which ensures a more even and predictable ball reaction. The surface is also designed to be low friction, allowing the ball to roll smoothly and reducing the potential for hooking or sliding.
The HPL material is non-porous, making it resistant to water and oil absorption. This allows for easier maintenance and cleaning, as spills can be wiped away without causing damage. Additionally, the non-porous surface reduces the need for lane conditioning, as oil patterns tend to hold up better on HPL lanes compared to wood.

HPL Bowling Lanes
2 lanes size
Length:12.53mWidth: 2.8m
4 lanes size
Length:12.53mWidth: 5.6m
6 lanes size
6 lanes size
Length:12.53mWidth: 11.2m
Bowling Lanes Thickness
Water-resistant,impact-resistant,damp-resistant,fire-resistant cigarette burn resistant, anti UV,strong and easy to clean

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