Оцинкованная сталь Электрический дуги с сертификатом CE лампы Поляков (1677636068)

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Product Overview


3m,4m,5m,6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,11m,12m solar lamp post 3m,4m,5m,6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,11m,12m solar lamp post  3m,4m,5m,6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,11m,12m solar lamp post 

 Productive Process


3m,4m,5m,6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,11m,12m solar lamp post


  3m,4m,5m,6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,11m,12m solar lamp post

             galvanized steel electric poles with CE Certificate lamp poles solar street light pole and solar garden light pole for africa market

galvanized solar street lighting pole with single or double arms

30ft steel Q235 3-20m outdoor street lighting pole price used street light poles


galvanized steel double arm 6m 8m 10m 12m solar led street light pole design and solar garden light pole


high quanlity street lighting pole

Single-Arm Lamp Poles

wind turbine and solar pole

Octangle shaped light pole

Street lighting lamp pole

solar garden lighting pole for garden light

Steel Monitor Poles

Octagonal Steel Pole\\galvanized highway lamp pole

  hexagonal galvanized solar street light pole

1. hot-dipped galvanized and spraying powder
2.national patented safety pole

3. Height: 3 to 30m

4. We can produce different shapes, such as circinal, octagonal, dioctahedron with different thickness and so on  

     We have advanced production equipment, such as bending machine, guillotine shear, submerged arc, welding machine, linking machine, flange plate punch

steel pole
1.all type of poles we can produce
2.accept OEM
2-25m height,hot-dipped galvanization and spraying powder

We mainly manufacture any dismensionand of round,straight,octagonal etc electric pole as your demand.


1)  The main body pole adopts the technology of the disposable shaping.


2)  The welding seam is level and smooth.


3)  The welding of the lightpost is the automatic Asian arc welding.


4)  The antiseptic disposing of the lamp pole is the hot galvanizing and the surface is smooth

     and beautiful.


5)  Both the adjustment of the color and that of the height are alternative.


6)  Strict control and test msasures ensure the hight quality.


7)  Zinc coated wallthickness>86um.

high quanlity street lighting pole
1.Material:Q235/SS400 steel
2.Hot-dip galvanized and powder coating
3:High: 6M-12M

high quanlity  street lighting  pole

All the pole could be custormized as per the custormer's request.

1.material :Q235/SS400 Steel
4.Weld penetration>=60% material thickness

5: Stainless pothook for easy installation and maintenance.

1. Designed for various kinds of street lighting poles with different heights

    according to the BSS729 and EN standards.

2. Material: Steel Q235,Q345,SS400

3. Hot dip galvanized steel  BS729,  Welding BS5135

4. Section: Octagonal or taper round or polygonal poles.

5. Wind resistant velocity: 130km/h or more

6. Anti-rust primer marine coat painted or electrostatic powder coated

    color can be changed according to customer's requirement.  

7. Mounting height: 6m-12m


9.arm:single or double

10: Space between posts: 15m-25m


CE approved solar power energy street light pole for africa market  







3-1. COST

COST ----- Product cost 

We use the mechanized production to reduce the labor cost.. 


Most of our main accessories are made into standardized parts to improve the productivity.


We can get the best price by giving large orders to the raw material and electric components supplier.
CE approved solar power energy street light pole for africa market

COST ----- Transfer cost

All of the accessories were designed into detachable type to save space during the loading.
CE approved solar power energy street light pole for africa market


COST ----- Install cost

 The electrical part was designed can be installed within 6 minutes by using the non-screw connector, which definitely reduce your installation time and create lot of savings on the labor cost.


The arm was designed can be connected with the pole by two arc fixing plate with two long screws. 


The new solar panel bracket was composed by sleeve, angle iron and U-steel fixed by screw, It is very easy to install and detach

he solar panel, controller, battery and lamp was connected together by a new developed wire harness


COST ----- Maintance cost

1. The lifetime of our solar panel is over 25 years, the tempering glass can bear strong attack and atrocious weather.

2. Our LED lamp is IP65 rated with a lifespan over 50,000hours,that means it can last over 10 years in the condition of working 12hours/day.

3. Controller is the German famous brand PHOCOS, It has a protection grade of IP 68.It is completely waterproof and even can be used underwate

4. The gel battery was protected by a special water proof battery box with excellent heat dissipation and protection.

5. All of the steel parts were hot-galvanized and waterproof painted to anti the rust with a lifespan of more than 20years.




Efficiency --- Advanced Design and Technology


Joysolar considers all factors when designing a solar system:

vSolar Duration: We use NASA data to calculate average and minimum solar radiation.


vLatitude: we design the solar panel tilt to capture the maximum amount of energy


vSeason Variation:Joysolar makes adjustments for seasonal differences, so our lights will work during the stormy winters as well as balmy summers.


vWeather: Our lights are designed to work through rain, snow, fog, and cloudy weather.


vDust: Joysolar has a special design to ensure our lights are dust resistant and minimize maintenance costs in dusty areas.


vWind Speed: We design the foundations and poles to withstand hurricanes.


vTemperature: Our lights are designed to operate from 0 to 140 degrees.


vHumidity: We use waterproof controller, connector and battery box to ensure our lights operate even in the most humid conditions.


vstreet condition: We design and configurate solar street lights according to the type of road


vworking time:we configurate the solar panel, battery and controller acording the light source working time accurately. 


vOur advanced engineering team are very experienced and professional in designing and configurating solar outdoor lightings, they can give you the most reasonable configurations and elegant design


vReasonable configurations can effect every components of the solar ourdoor lightings to their maximum performance, thus, no waste for the power of each components of solar outdoor lightings, and then raises the whole system efficiency for our clients from all over the world.

CE approved solar power energy street light pole for africa market



QUALITY ---- Quality control system

CE approved solar power energy street light pole for africa market 



CE approved solar power energy street light pole for africa market





CE approved solar power energy street light pole for africa market






7. SERVICE   CE approved solar power energy street light pole for africa market



  Welcome to contact us at any time.  


   We  have enough design and install experience in every market in the world, Because we have finished more than 15000sets solar street light in the world, installed in Africa market, middle east, asia, Eropean etc.



1) Solar street light

2) solar garden light

3) solar panel

4) LED


Mian products :  6-14M Galvanized Street Light Pole CE 




galvanized outdoor solar street lighting pole



 amp pole,solar lamp posts,electric pole
street light pole
solar energy street lamp/light
hot-dipped galvanization
lamp pole

solar lamp posts,electric pole,

street light pole,solar lamp posts,electric pole

solar energy street lamp
street light pole,lamp pole

   lamp poles/solar lamp posts/electric pole/street light pole/lamp pole/lamp mast



We  produce  any dimensions and thicknesses straight round, tapered round, straight square, tapered square etc pole as your demand.

circinal, octangle, hexagon

1)     the main body pole adopts the technology of the disposable shaping

2)     the welding seam is level and smooth

3)     the welding of the electric pole is the Automatic Asian are welding

4)     the antiseptic disposing of the electric pole is the hot-dip galvanizing and the surface is smooth and beautiful

5)     both the adjustment of the color and that of the height are alternative

6)     every type we can product

7)     packing: HQ or open top container 6m 7m 8m 10m street lamp post

      galvanized steel electric poles with CE Certificate lamp poles    

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