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Factory Bai Hao Yin Zhen Price Fujian Organic Silver Needle White Tea

Packaging & Shipping


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 Standard packages: 

1. plastic woven bag /sack

2. gunny bag/ sack

3. kraft bag/ sack

4. carton, with plastic bag in side

5. plastic film and pallet available if required


Way of shipping.

1. Sea shipping
2. Railway shipping
3. Air shipping is available, suggested for urgent order between 30kg to 150kg
4. Courier shipping by DHL, UPS, EMS, TNT, FEDEX, for small orders below 30kg.

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Shipping Tracking.

Bill of landing, Certificate of origin ( or form A), Phytosanitary certificate, Commercial invoice, Packing list, Certificate of quality, Certificate of health, etc.
Courier tracking number, ETA of shipment, Assistance of customs clearance, Feedback collection, Market trade information, New product recommendation.

Company Information


Yiqingyuan is a well-known Hunan-based tea company which was established in 1996.

We started exporting Chinese teas about one decade ago, and our international business soars year after year.

In this case, Hunan Yiqingyuan Everspring Tea Co., Ltd, a wholy-owned subsidiary of Yiqingyuan, was found in 2012, for the purpose of handling all Yiqingyuan's import and export trade.

Hunan Yiqingyuan Everspring Tea Co.,Ltd is a company that dedicated to tea plantation, manufacture and trading. We have our own tea plantation that managed by our professional team. Our strict control from field to bag guarantees the quality of organic teas.

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We fully own Hunan Yiqingyuan Organic Tea Plantation Co., LTD which is responsible for plantation and harvest management. Our plantation located in Jindingshan Village, Chunhua Town, Changsha County covers 28,585 mu certificated with Europe organic and USDA organic (authorized by BCS) . And our plantation is also under Rainforest Alliance verification currently.

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Hunan Yiqingyuan Everspring Tea Co.Ltd is responsible for tea manufacture and trade. We are one of the top 100 tea companies in China. We have built 8 preliminary tea processing factory and 3 refine tea processing factory, which equipped with fully automatic premium tea producing line, preliminary and refine process line of massive tea products, and a big stock house with cooling system.


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Tea base quality control

The vast majority of our tea produced in own organic tea garden, the tea garden has a professional management, to ensure the quality of fresh leaves. And through the BCS organic certification, Tea from tea garden to processing to packaging, all in accordance with the organic tea production standards for operation.


Quality control of raw materials

In order to ensure the adequacy and richness of raw materials, we will cooperate with other tea bases to find suppliers, our internal control will be qualified for all suppliers, only from qualified suppliers to purchase, and in each batch Times of procurement, will be its physical and chemical properties of tea, tea pesticide residues, and other heavy metal testing to ensure the quality of tea procurement.


Production process quality control

In the production process, are this rich experience in the processing of employees, and tea professionals to carry out the quality of the process of control.


Quality control of finished products

We have full internal control system, and will regularly staff training.Each batch of semi-finished products, products, will be do quality testing, for organic products, the EU products, also sent to third-party testing organizations for testing. We work closely with our testing organizations Eurofins, SGS, Meirieux.


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Our Tea Science Expert Team consists of more than 20 experts graduated from tea science profession. They are working on positions in tea base, research, produce, quality control, and sales. Our tea expert team has tight connections with Hunan Agriculture University, applying theories into practice. The team has complete knowledge on tea.

Our tea sourcing staff travel in all China's tea origins and contact local tea farmers every year. With our knowledge of tea, closer access to market information, and strict quality control management, we are able to supply rare, special, and reliable Chinese teas at fair price. To our clients, tea purchasing becomes a much easier job.

Our sales team consists of sales persons speak English, Russian and French, and experienced logistics coordinator. We can handle all customs declaration and shipping by ourselves. And our clients come from all around the world.

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Q: Are you tea factory?
A: Yes, we are tea facotry. Located in Changsh City, Hunan, China. We Involve tea planting, processing, and trading.


Q: Do you own tea garden of yourselves?
A; Yes, we own the tea garden of oursalves. And it is controled by our expert team.


Q: Is your tea garden organic?
A: Yes, our tea garden is organic that is certificated by Europe Organic and USDA Organic. We own the organic graden more than 6000 mu. and we alse have more than 30000 mu normal tea garden that controled by ourselves.
Q: What certifications your company has been qualified?
Q: What types of tea you can offer?
A: We main provide Green Tea (Luxury Green Tea, Chunmee, Gun-powder, Green fannings, Sencha, Luo cha), Black Tea (Luxury Black Tea, OP Black Leaf Tea, Black CTC, Black Fannings), Oolong tea ( Tie Guan Yin, Rock Oolong Tea), Jasmine Green Tea, Flavor Blend Tea, Dried flowers and Herbals.


Q: Coud you provide free sample?
A: Yes, we can provde free sample less than 500g. But about USD30$ express fee should at your cost for the first time.


Q: Can your products meet EU standard?
A: Some of our products can meet EU standard. We cooperated with thired test organizations. And we will do a test before the goods delivery to Europen.


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