Mobile phone detector + GPS tracker finder by RF signal

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BugHunter BH-03 is an easy to operate RF signal detector for fast sweeping of spy devices in the frequency range from 10 to 3500 MHz. It detects digital and analog spy bugs simultaneously without any preliminary adjustments. It reduces interferences from nearby cellular towers. BugHunter BH-03 has an informative OLED display with all the necessary data to allow being in complete control of the situation at any time. It’s an excellent tool for not so tech-savvy enthusiasts because its operation is very comprehensive, one can search for "spy bugs" with a single touch! It is very handy and convenient with a weight of only 110 grams (3.9 oz).

  • Detects almost any spy device: GSM, GPS, 3G, 4G, CDMA, Wi-Fi devices, wireless video cameras and radio microphones.

  • Record high dynamic range — 70 dB! Detects spy bugs with very low signal strength and high power spy bugs alike.

  • Detection range of transmitters – up to 5 m (16,4 ft), detection range of cell phones — up to 50 m (164 ft).

  • Small size: weight is only 110 grams (3,9 oz), dimensions: 105 x 58 x 18,5 mm (4 x 2,9 x 0,7 in).

  • Detailed English manual is included.

The main advantages of BugHunter BH-03:

  1. Fast search of spy bugs at one touch. The modern construction makes BugHunter Professional BH-03 one of the most technological and fast spy bug detectors on the market. It can find "spy bugs" in just a few seconds!

  2. Detection of digital and analog "spy bugs" simultaneously without applying any adjustments or pre-setting. "BH-03" is built around a fast microprocessor that allows to find even the most modern digital and analog spyware (for example ones that transmit information via short impulses and remain invisible to most bug detectors). It is particularly important that search of both kinds of bugs happens SIMULTANEOUSLY.

  3. Built-in GSM, 3G, 4G, CDMA and Wi-Fi filters. If the surrounding radio environment has extraneous background frequencies that interfere with the search – just filter them out.

  4. Color OLED display with all the necessary information: type of the detected signal (analog and digital at the same time), history of changes in the last 45 seconds in comprehensive graphics, mode pictogram, applied filters etc. It allows being in complete control of the situation at all times.

  5. It covers the entire frequency range that the most wireless spy bugs operate in: from 10 to 3500 MHz.

  6. Record high dynamic range (70 dB). The higher the dynamic range, the better is the detection of devices with very high and very low power radio transmissions. This is very important in difficult conditions when there are both powerful signal sources (cellular phones) and weak signal sources (almost all types of spy bugs). Detector with a high dynamic range will not read off scale and will find hidden bugs against a backdrop of cellular signal.


Device advantages compared to the competition:

  • Exact match of stated parameters

  • Evenly high sensitivity throughout the frequency range

  • Extended dynamic range

  • Both analog and digital wireless spy bug detection (short pulses)

  • Automatic adjustment of background emission levels

  • Extended operating temperature range

  • Capability to connect headphones for implicit warnings of wireless spy bugs

  • Advanced power saving features (increased duration of work)

  • Low battery indicator with optional automatic cutoff to save energy

  • Self-diagnostics

Main modes of operation:

Search. In this default mode, the screen graphics display detected signal levels: maximum values and averaged values for 3 seconds and 45 seconds (in the form of three separate blocks of 15 seconds). Digital spy bugs can be traced in the graph of maximum values, and analog bugs appear in the graph of averaged values.

Security. Turn on the "Security" mode if you need to have constant control of the situation, for example, during negotiations. In this mode the device memorizes the current RF environment and keeps scanning, it will alarm you if any new wireless transmission appears, which most likely will be a newly engaged spy device.

Sound modes:

Feedback. "Feedback" mode is used in searching for hidden microphones (wireless spy bugs), operating in analog mode. The device emits a sound which is captured and broadcasted by the wireless spy bug. The radio signal is detected and increased by the device, so the circle closes up – and the device produces a characteristic "whistle". "Feedback" mode is the most accurate method of spy bug detection, it reduces the search time.

Acoustic indication. In this mode graphic indication is complemented by acoustic indication. The device’s speaker emits sound signals, the volume of which indicate the power of detected devices.

Mute. This is a mode for conducting a bug sweep discreetly. All sound signals are turned off, including the button sounds. In this mode the search is conducted by following vibration signals, without looking at the screen.



Products details

BugHunter BH-03

Dimensions, mm

105 x 58 x 18,5 (4 x 2,9 x 0,7 in)

Device weight with batteries, kg

0,1 (3,9 oz)

Power consumption, W


Frequency range, MHz


Sensitivity, mV / m


Dynamic range, dB, up to


Detectior range efective, m

5 (16,4 ft)

Detection range in guard mode, m

50 (164 ft)

DC supply voltage

two batteries type AAA



Package contents:

  • RF signal detector BugHunter BH-03

  • Two AAA batteries

  • 110/220V power adapter

  • USB cable

  • Headphones

  • English manual


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