Полный электрический штабелер 1,2 2,0 T (мощность переменного/постоянного тока) (561146006)

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Product Overview



Configuration and Performance

l        Electronic power steering system,light and low noise.

l        Two-way magnetic valve,three drop speed mode.

l        Drive unit floating bodies with patent design.

l        AC driving system,no carbon brush,maintenance free.

l        USA CURTIS controller

l        Electromagnetic ,regenerative braking system.

l        Automatic lifting limit,proximity switch,long life.


l        Curve automatic deceleration devices,more safe.

l        Stepless speed control system,safe and quiet.

l        Controller with multiple automatic protection.

l        Emergency reversing device /Emergency brake switch.

l        Options of high position automatic reduction device.




 ItemSpecification UnitERC112ERC115ERC116ERC118ERC120
1 GeneralRated capacityKg12001500160018002000
2Load center  mm600600600600600
3Drive type Standed
4Motor brake   Electromagnetic
5Load distance (centerline of front axle to front face of forks) 716716716716716
6Battery weight Kg200200200280280
7Self weight Kg10801105113012501280
8Full Load per Axle - Driving side / bearing side  865/215885/220905/2251000/2501025/255
9Empty Load per Axle -  Driving side / bearing side Kg970/13101110/14951095/16351300/17501400/1880
10  DimensionsLifting Height (standard)mm3000
11Fork min. ground clearance mm85
12Adjust width of fork (standard)mm570
13Fork sizemm60/180/1150
14Minimum ground clearancemm25
15Overall length mm19401940194019701970
16Overall widthmm8501050
17Overall height (including handle )mm14651465146514651465
18Bodywork heightmm845845845845845
19Overall height mast raisedmm35303530353035303530
20Overall height mast loweredmm20552055205520552055
21Front wheel treadmm390390390390390
22Supporting wheel treadmm708708708800800
23Minimum turning radiusmm16301630163016301630
24Stacking right angle aisle widthmm22362236223622702270
25PerformanceMax. driving speed   full/emptyKm/h5/65/65/65/5.85/5.5
26Max. lifting speed   full/emptymm/s110/13095/13090/13080/12080/120
27Max. declining speed   full/emptymm/s120/110110/100110/9080/9080/90
28Grade ability  full/empty%5/85/85/85/85/8
29 WheelWheels material Polyurethane
30Wheel number (front/rear) 4/3
31Drive wheel (mm) φ252x87φ252x87φ252x87φ252x87φ252x87
32Load wheel (mm) φ80x70φ80x70φ80x70φ80x70φ80x70
33Balance wheel (mm) φ150x48φ150x48φ150x48φ150x48φ150x48
34Wheelbase 12951295129512951295
35  Power and Control Travel motorKW1.
36Lift motorKW2.23333
37Voltage V2424242424
38Battery capacityAh210210210280280
39 Control system   CURTIS / ZAPI / SME 
40Sound level at the driver's ear acc. to EN12053dB/(A)67



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