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Product Overview


ACME Big New Portable Assembly Biogas Methane digester


Engineering and Technical Characteristics

1.) Economic and durable, low investment, high earnings

Fermentation Digester made from flexible polymer material anaerobic material, placed in sealed aluminum frame embedded solar panels within the enclosure. Anti-cold, anti-exposure, anti-lightning, anti-earthquake, anti-aging, anti-aging, no-leakage.Under normal working condition, can be used continuously for More than 7 years, less investment, high earnings!

2.) Project operation, high efficiency, low maintenance costs

As the frame design based on setup on the ground, and exterior design based on sun warming roof. The whole digester inside temperature keep at high degrees, the fermentation diester can working at high efficient level. This increased biogas production ability. There is no other machinery equipment, no need additional special care or maintenance, the post-maintenance cost is low.

3.) Overall well air tightness, no odor, high safety and high performance

Flexible polymer material anaerobic fermentation digester with good sealing performance, so, the entire project site will be no smell, fermentation tank using pressure balanced design ensures fermentation atmospheric environment working under normal pressure, there will be no potential high biogas pressure risk.

4.) No crusts, no need mixing, high biogas production rate, easy and convenient discharge material.

Digester body is deep color, easy absorb solar energy, the pool inside temperature is high, so, gas production rate is high. As the digester is made from high strength flexible material, anti-tear strength. When biogas comes from raw material, digester bag top vibrates, this made floating objects will be always suck under biogas liquid material. So, there will be no crust happens. The whole system is working under 100% sealing, compared with the same volume traditional biogas digester, gas production ability increased about 50% to 80%. The soft biogas digester bag will be more easy discharge material.

5.) Easy and convenient setup, fast installation.

There is no limitation for location installation. If the ground is level, no sharp object will be suitable for installation. (location such as Animal manure filled lake, Township building stairwell, Soft pit, etc)If there is some distortion for ground, or outside force vibration happens, the system can still working normally, no effect for function and efficiency.

Following is the pictures of finished biogas digester our

customer sent us for your reference

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Applicability contrast

Traditional Biogas Digester:

1.It is hard to dig at mountains, rocky places.
2.For plain area, underground water is at high level, digging will easy touch underground water.
3.For new household rural users, courtyard space is limited.
4.For resident users, after finishing construction, traditional digester can not be moved to other place.
5.For lakes pastoral and fishing areas users, traditional biogas digester can not be moved from one place to another place.
6.For northern areas users, Traditional biogas digester can not produce biogas in cold winter.

New Portable Assembly Biogas Digester

1.It is easy to smooth a ground for installation at mountains, rocky places.
2.For plain area, only need a smooth level place for installation.
3.For new rural household users, only need a corner place for installation.
4.For resident users, after finishing installation, New Portable Assembly Biogas digester can easy disassembly and pack, move to other location for re-assembly.
5.For lakes pastoral and fishing areas users, New Portable Assembly Biogas Digester is easy to dis-assembly and pack, move to other location for re-assembly.
6.For northern area users, New Portable Assembly Biogas Digester can easy install inside warm greenhouse.

Technology contrast

Traditional biogas project

1.Low gas production ability, about 0.20CBM/CBM.d.
2.Cement very difficult to meet with zero leak level, can not ensure 100% overall no leaking.
3.Big size digester, will be limited by working conditions or raw material conditions.
4.Only can produce biogas under normal temperature, very hard to produce biogas in cold winter.
5.Easy cause crust trouble, block, hard discharge material.

New Potable Assembly Biogas Project

1.High gas production ability, about 0.41CBM/CBM.d.
2.No leaking, 100% overall sealing.
3.Need less raw material, only use small amount of daily organic waste, or manure will be good enough to produce biogas.
4.Can work under mid temperature, insulation, extend gas production time in winter.
5.No crusts, no blocking, freely discharge material.

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