Резиновая Асфальтовая краска, Антикоррозийная краска (60531214903)

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Rubber asphalt paint anticorrosive paint   





Spraying Emulsion Liquid Rubber Asphalt Waterproof Paint for Building is made up by component A and component B. Component A is mixed with anion type synthetic rubber and microemulsion, it is the main part.   Rubber components are continuous phases, this enhanced the extension and puncture resistance largely. Component B is a kind of coagulant and made by electrolyte like melt salts. Component A and component B will be sprayed separately through the spraying equipment and finally condensed into film.





 Can be conducted on wet basement (moisture≤80%), waterproof layer will not be influenced even it rains  immediately after the construction;


 High efficiency, more than 1500m2 can be finished within per day per set machine;


 Good adhesive property, rate of full sticky can reach more than 95%;


 Excellent elongation and recovery rate;


 Achieve thickness one time when the target thickness is within 4mm, no need more work


 Curing within 3 seconds, no flow on vertical walls


 Spraying technology, high efficiency, seamless connectivity, not channeling water


 Water soluble and environment friendly


 Can be used for drinking water project, and passed the national mouse test.



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Non-cured rubber asphalt waterproof coating/paint

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