Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop

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-Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop


Production Name:  Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop


Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop are the benchmark for the industry and exceed standard specifications. The versatility of PVC has made these waterstops popular with specifiers and engineers. Outstanding physical properties, excellent inherent elasticity and resistance to many waterborne chemicals has made it the most widely specified waterstop material.

PVC waterstops are available in several styles and sizes. Choosing the correct waterstop begins with determining whether the joint is moving or non-moving.


Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop Features & benefits:

  • High tensile strength.
  • Superior elongation capability.
  • Excellent inherent elasticity and impermeability
  • High resistance to acids, ozone, seawater even diesel oil.
  • Extremely alkalis, chlorinated water and other waterborne chemicals resistant.
  • Not susceptible to fatigue deterioration as with metal or rubber.
  • High quality meet even exceed the industrials standard.
  • Never discolor concrete.
  • No electrolytic action with surrounding metals.
  • Capable to withstand hydrostatic pressure.
  • Heat weldable in conjunction with electric splicing irons.
  • Withstand the expansion and contraction movement of the joints.
  • Capable to taking care of any deflection or displacement arising caused by temperature changing or differential settlement of foundation.
  • Supplied in coils for easy handling with high flexibility. 
  • Easy to install by tethering the outer flanges of the PVC waterstop to adjacent a reinforcing bars.
  • The PVC waterstop will expand when getting in touch with water, so allowing it to come into closer contact with the concrete, creating a better water-stop result.
  • Different thicknesses structure of PVC waterstop is adopted for the cross section, which is divided into the high-strength area, the waterproof area and the installation area, allowing for uniform and reasonable stress for all portions.
  • There is installing hole at installation area of PVC waterstop, it could facilitate fixed with adjacent reinforced, and not produce shifting. Construction of our Rubber Water stop is convenient, positioning installation is firm. 
Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop Applications:
  • Ideal for movement joints.
  • Suitable for above or below grade applications.
  • Suitable in portable water tank.
  • Water and sewage treatment facilities.
  • Liquid retaining structures such as dams, canals water reservoirs, lock and aqueducts.
  • Tunnels and culverts.
  • Foundations and basements.
  • Parking decks, bridge decks and abutments.
  • Elevator pits, roof and floor slabs.
  • Primary and secondary containment structures.
  • Water and waste water treatment facilities
  • Dams, lock, canals, water reservoirs and aqueducts
  • Tunnels and culverts
  • Foundations
  • Primary and secondary containment structures 
Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop Packaging details : 

1.plastic bag per roll of plastic pvc waterstops .

2.pallet delivey.

3.Length:20m or 25m per roll

4.Package: According to the customers' request.

5.Shipping:by sea usually

6.Packing :All the products from our company are well packed.We guarantee timely delivery.You can just tell us your needs and we will arrange everything from the initial consultation to the delivery of your chosen port anywhere in the world


Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop Processing procedures:


Raw materials---1st pressing---2nd Pressing & cutting---inner hose shaping with the model---inner hose frozening(-19°C)---weaving/Twining for several times (as request)---wrapping---vulcanization for 40-50 mins---unwrapping---model extrusion---testing---packaging---finished products


Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop Propertities:








Shore A



Tensile strength








Tensile modulus




Brittleness temperature



Bibulous rate




Air aging (70±1℃,240 hours)




Alkali effect coefficient (20% alkali liquor,NaOH or KON)
















Construction joint water bars PVC Waterstop-Certificate


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