Горячая Распродажа 2019, поставка с завода, медицинский рентгеновский аппарат на 300 мА

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2019  hot sale factory supply 300ma use medical x ray machine



  • Single-table/single-tube
  • Rotary anode X-ray tube unit and tangential annular tube head
  • Single-phase full wave rectification high-voltage generator
  • power voltage(V) radiograph kilovolt(KV).step-less control electric mechanism
  • Filament stablizer for X-ray tube and space charge complementor
  • Radiograph volume KV.mA and S.grading and interlock protection
  • Adopt digital circuit timer.Grading according to R 10 priority coefficient.(for mre accurately controlling time)
  • HT primary,the zero controlled circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier of heavy power.
  • Radiographic table can move in length and breath.
  • The radiographic table,column and viblrating grid are in a whole without ceiling and floor rails bottom.

Main Technical Indexes:


Demand of power supplyCapacity30KVA(Two-phase 30KVA)
Voltage frequency380V/220V ±10% 50HZ ±0.5HZ
Internal resistance0.75 Ω(380V) 0.25Ω(220V)
Power suppyAdjustment range380 ±10% at 380V,220±10%  at 220V being adjustable continuously
RadiographVoltage50-125KV being adjustable continuously
CurrentSmall focus:50mA 100mA,Big focus:50mA 100mA 300mA 200mA
Time0.04~6.35s  23grades together grading according to R10 coefficient
HT generatorCapacity20KVA(instantaneous)
Max DC output voltage125KV
Max DC output currency300mA
X-ray tubeModelXD51.20-40/125
FocusSmall focus:1x1mm,Big focus:2x2mm
Radiographic tablewidth xheight of bed surface2000mm x 665mm x700mm
Moving range of bed surface640mm in lengh,200mm in breadth
Ray-fillter of bedTraval in length ≥500mm
Grid density N=28
Convergence distance f o=100cm
Grid  ratio r=8
Column of X-ray tube unitMoving Longitudianlly along Radiographic table1000mm or 1800mm
Distance to ground as moving up and down(along column)650~1800mm
Rotary around the center of cross arm±180°
Rotary around the shaft line of X-ray annular tubes–10°~60°~+120°
Max size of cassette356mm x432mm (14"x17")





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HOSPITAL EXPO 2016(The 29th Indonesian Internationla Hospital Medical Pharmarceutical Clinical Lab Equipment and Medicine Exhibition)Oct 19-22,2016





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