Промышленный электростатический осадитель KLEAN ESP BSG-216 для сушильной машины с защитой от загрязненного газа/пыли

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Product Overview




Product Description


 KLEAN ESP BSG-216 industrial electrostatic precipitator for stenter dryer polluted gas/dust collected machines



          Klean industrial electrostatic precipitator for stenter dryer has 22 years experience in air pollution control and oil collection for Textile dyeing and finishing and the production of PVC leather/vinyl leather/ artificial leather/ synthetic leather/ PVC gloves/ PVC wall paper/ PVC wall coverings/ PVC flooring/ Vinyl flooring/ PVC / latex gloves.


Wide Range of Klean industrial electrostatic precipitator for stenter dryer:


Models volume of air flow from 4000 to 72000+. With 95% flue gas purification efficiency, no smoke is visible from the outlet. There is always a right for you!!!


ESP for Stenter.jpg


 Industrial electrostatic precipitator Technical Advantages:


electric fields of Klean air scrubber

Patented Cylindrical Honeycomb Structure Electric Field


Maximized corona discharging uniformity & electric field intensity, hence maximized purification efficiency. Superior mechanical strength compared with other conventional electric fields. which are apet to get deformed easily du ring the maintenance and cleaning procedures.


High -Performance Power Pack                                            



High-frequency high-voltage solid-state transformer with epoxy resin encapsulation, driven by half-bridge switching converter, and is powerful, stable and energy-saving.

power pack of Klean air scrubber


circuit board of Klean air scrubber.jpg

Cons ummate Control Circuit                                             


Perfect circuit control can make sure the facility have the following functions. soft startup. invariable current output, arc extinction and auto reposition, short circuit protection, power over loading protection , transformer over-heated protection and malfunction diagnosis.




  Electrostatic precipitator Technical Advantages:

Filter cell.jpg

The structure:

Conventional Filter Cell Klean Filter Cell
The plate-wire structure contains a row of thin vertical wires, and followed by a stack of large flat metal plates oriented vertically, with the plates typically spaced about 1 cm to 18 cm apart, depending on the application.   The cylindrical structure contains dozens of cylinders arranged like a honeycomb, and there is a cathode needle in the center of each cylinder as the ionize section. The structure is stronger during use and maintenance. 

Because of the differences in structure, the arcing distance (the distance from the ionizing section to the collecting section) is also different. The arcing distance is unequal inside the plate-wire structure which leads to abnormal arcing easily, while the arcing distance is equal inside the cylindrical structure.

way of clean:

Vigorous washing and scrubbing may be required to completely clean the collection plates. The close spacing of the plates can make thorough cleaning difficult, and the stack of plates often cannot be easily disassembled for cleaning.


                                                                            The whole cylindrical filter cell can be taken out easily to soak or jet wash. And the strong structure makes it won’t be damaged during maintenance easily.

We offer special designed cleaning device and specific maintenance methods,  which are provided in KLEAN’S user’s manual.


 klean work theory.jpg



AFume collection theoretical diagram of conventional electrostatic precipitator
BFume collection theoretical diagram of Klean electrostatic precipitator

The area of collection section:

Take a 2000m³/ h  industrial electrostatic precipitator as an example, the collection area of cylindrical industrial electrostatic precipitator is 1.24 times of the plate -wire industrial electrostatic precipitator which makes a higher purifying efficiency.  


The efficiency can be the same, but in the same efficiency, the size of the  plate -wire electrostatic precipitator is bigger than the cylindrical scrubber’s.




Power Pack:

Conventional power pack is simple and lower power input.  

Klean's power pack is advanced with many

protection functions, consisting of arc

extinction, repeated flashover protection,

short circuit protection, overload protection,etc.

But the power consumption is also higher.






Company Information


 KLEAN's Company Culture:





Honors and Awards 


1. CE (certificate of safety conformity) granted, UL867, UL710 and IEC60335 tested, ensuring the internationally standard safety and reliability of the industrial electrostatic precipitator.


2. ISO9001:2008 tested quality control system, guaranteeing that all raw materials, from the stainless steel sheets to the circuit board components, are of internationally-familiar brand, and are processed by the numerical controlling system, all the finished products are put to test and trial operation, and all the industrial electrostatic precipitator  are guaranteed one year free repair and lifelong maintenance.






Klean FAQ:


Q: How long is the quality guarantee of your industrial electrostatic precipitator?

A: We can offer 1 year quality guarantee and life-long maintenance of our industrial electrostatic precipitator.


Q: Can you send the engineer check on the scene of the manufacturing? Can you prove the instillation and pay the cost at your own expense?

A: We can send the engineering to your site and provide the instillation guidance. But we need you to pay for the travelling expense.


Q: Can you do the OEM for us?

A: Yes, we can. But the price maybe a little bit higher than the standard industrial electrostatic precipitator we sell.


Q: If the industrial electrostatic precipitator breaks down, tell me what should we do and give us the details about your service arrangement please.

A: First step, you can solve the problem yourself by reading our installation and maintenance instruction. After that, you can show us the details about the problem by photo or video through Phone or E-mail, then we will provide the solution based on the date. If all the above fails to solve the failure, we will send the experience engineers to the scene.


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