KOSHER/ HALAL/ HACCP Yellow Lantern Chili Sterilized for Supermarket

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'workshop series 5chili heath benefit''Welcome to Browse Sweet Hot Paste, Mild & Hot Chili Sauce OEM Brands!

Attentive service from our well-trained staff is only for your Good Business with your satisfied smile. 


Piri piri sauce (used as a seasoning or marinade) is Portuguese inorigin and "especially prevalent in Angola, Namibia, Mozambiqueand South Africa". It is made from crushed chillies, citrus peel, onion, pepper, salt, lemon juice, bay leaves, paprika, pimiento, basil, oregano, and tarragon.chili sauce in bowl 3

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chili sauce bottle bowl

We are located near the areas of cultivating fresh chili and distribution center of countrywide chilies. 

So our chili sauce materials are original and very fresh.

If you really want to cooperate with our foods factory, please call us by phone and also send an email, such we will send you the best offer price requested. 

Welcome to visit our factory personally in Jiaozhou city, Qingdao, China. 

If you have a long plan to purchase chili paste/sauce, we will sign contract to support your good business.

Delicious!  Tasty!  Toothsome!  Yummy!

Our Producing Hot Sauce Types

1. Artisan Hot Sauce.

2. Bajan Pepper Sauce-Barbados Style Sauce.

3. Barilla Pasta Sauce.

4. Belizean Hot Sauce from Panama.

5. Chipotle Pepper Sauce

6. Eros Pista Sauce (lit. "Strong Steve") and Piros Arany (lit. "Red Gold") hot pepper paste-Europe style sauce from Hungary, both made from minced hot paprika (Capsicum annuum L.); paprika is commonly grown in Hungary and both hot and mild paprika are in common usage there.

7. Frank's Red Hot Sauce.

8. Habanero hot paste/sauce.

9. Ti-malice Sauce- Haiti style sauce.

10. Harissa hot sauce (ground red birdseye chili peppers)-Maghreb style sauce in Tunisia, in the Maghreb (especially Algeria and Libya), in Israel, in Maghrebi Jews.

11. Hot chili sauce.

12. Sweet Chilli Pepper Sauce ( Gochujang chili pepper Sauce)

Sweet chili Sauce as a popular condiment in Asian cuisine is commonly made from Sweet Chilies and sugar.

Since the best raw materials used for making this sauce can be found in China, until today our sweet chili sauce has been very well-known for its best-taste. 

Sweet Chili Sauce accompanies well with fried or roasted chicken, spring rolls, fried food or any kinds of snack.

This versatile all-purpose sauce can be used in place of any dipping sauce. 

A. High Grade fresh chili selected as main material, adding sugar and vinegar, finely processed.
B. Red and bright in color, fine and smooth in state, suitably sweet and hot in taste.
C. It is suitable for dipping directly.

13.Other Recipe sauce customize for foodstuff factory & supermarket.

Brand Name: Chilies or OEM Brands.

OEM & ODM with Recipe: Acceptable

Ingredients: chili, garlic, ginger, Non-GMO soya-bean oil, salt, vinegar, water, black pepper, other natural spice.

Flavor: Overly hot, Super hot, Medium Hot, Mild Hot and Sweet.

Edible Method: ready to eat.

Sugar Proportion: suitable for aged-crowd.

Sealed Packing: designated packing weight by customer. 

NumberPacking Size

Carton Dimension

W x L x H (cm)

Gross Weight (kg)Carton/20’ FCL

220 g x 24

glass bottles

26.30 x 37.10 x 21.0010.26kg1,200 cartons

320 g x 24

glass bottles

25.90 x 38.30 x 25.2014.61kg1,188 cartons

810 g x 12

glass bottles

25.40 x 33.40 x 32.3016.40kg1,127 cartons

5,000 g x 4

PET bottles

29.50 x 42.50 x 26.0021.50kg872 cartons.

200ml x24

glass bottles

34.00 x 23.00 x 22.00  

Shelf Life: 12 months.

Cryogenic Storage:

Please keep it under dry and cool place.

No direct sunlight, No high temperature.

Suitable For:

Aged over 12 students & adult daily, meals on grand days like Christmas Day, Halloween, birthday parties, family meal, diet foods, burgers store, sandwiches store and Chain supermarket.


Certification: HALAL, HACCP, GAP, A, KOSHER, QS, ISO, ETC.

Other Points:

1. Raw material advantage:  Our product selects the high quality raw material from its outstanding producing area with high reputation in China

2. Safety and environmental friendly Packaging:  glass bottle/plastic bottle/canned inside and outer carton

3. Abundant Capacity: annual production capacity over tens thousand tons.

4. Timely and dependable Service: To establish lon term business relations with oversea distributer, supermarket, international buyers.

OEM Hot Sauce Service Procedure

1. Client mails your chili paste sample or recipe, we will produce counter-sample to mail to you.

2. Please confirm the counter-sample, if everything is well, pls you make an order. otherwise, we will reproduce till your satisfiction.

3. It's imperative to inspect quality strictly.

Terms of Payment:

1. After sales confirmation signed, 50% T/T repaid, B/L is released as soon as the remainder 50% T/T paid is into our account.

2. After sales confirmation signed, 40% T/T repaid, the remainder 60% is paid against Irrevocable and confirmed L/C at sight.

Price Terms: FOB, CFR and CIF.

Delivery Time: Within 3 weeks/40' FCL after signing Sales Contract & prepaying deposit.

Shipment Port: Qingdao port, China.

Inspection Certificate:

Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate, Certificate of Origin, Phytosanitary Certificate and Inspection Certificate of Quantity & Quality._20190523163952

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