PCB solder program control electrode drying oven (62352166118)

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PCB solder program control electrode drying oven

101/202  series


Use recommended: Suitable for routine testing of industrial and mining enterprises, basic laboratory and workshop, is not recommended for a long time continuous use


Scope:Provide for the industrial factory, labs, research and other departments, for Drying, baking, melting and sterilizer use.




1,Three kinds of controller types  Pointer controller, LED microcomputer controller and Microcomputer intelligent type.


2,The shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel with metallic paint spray. Nice overall color design suitable for all research labs and workshop production.


3,With double-layer glass observation window,             

easy to watch the materials in the chamber.


4,Two models material inner chamber  mirror stainless steel and ordinary cold-rolled stainless steel.


5,Air circulation system consists of low noise fans and air cycle duct to make the temperature more uniform. The reasonable air circulation ensures the temperature uniform in the inner chamber and fast warm-up time.


6,High temperature resistant silicone for sealing the door, high-temperature heat pipes for the heating element to ensure safety and longer life.


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