DTJ T New Type Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Capsule Filler (62365625345)

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Product Overview


DTJ-T  Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine   

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DTJ-T Capsule Filling Machine is the new-type medicine packer, with novel construction, elegant appearance. It is controlled by the stepless frequency conversion and pneumatic device together, and adopts the electronic automatic counter. The machine can finish the actions of position, separation, filling, locking of capsule, etc., and reduce the labor intensity and improve the efficiency of working.

The machine consist of the separating mechanism for the capsule, carrying somersault, medicinal materials filling mechanism, systems of air-actuation control and electric equipment control, defender and other parts as well as the accessories of vacuum pump and air pump.

1. Technical Specification:

Max. Output

10-25 thousand pcs/hour

Suitable for Capsule


Gross power

2.12 KW



Air pressure

0.03 cbm/min, 0.7 MPa

Net weight


Gross weight


Overall Dimension



2. Characteristic:

1. Working steady, safe and reliable enough.

2. Capsule qualified rate is more than 99% with the precise dosage.

3. Timing frequency-conversion, programmable controlled.

4. New closed structure, accord with GMP standard.


3.  Features:

 1. Equipped with independent empty capsule feeding station, powder feeding station and capsule closing station

2.The filling amount can be adjusted by the number of rotations of the dosing disk. The powder feeder also has agitator to regulate the powder filling. 
3.It has an infinite variable speed of filling table with independent power and fixed point filling that results in accurate dosage.
4. Powder material feeding is accurate
5.Machine body and working table made of stainless steel

6. After all the empty capsules have been rightly rectified and filled up, the mechanism will stop automatically to reduce the operators working worries.
7. Meet the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry
8. Suitable for filling powder and granular materials in pharmaceutical and health food industries
9. The light-touch switches, feeding propeller and filling rotary table can be in
automatic run based on preset and frequency speed control.
10. A special design allows for changing mould for different size capsules within 30 minutes easily, simply, and precisely.

11. Only one operator is required, and operating training can be done in 10 minutes
12. The machine comes with one set of capsule sized changeable parts, training video, dual capsule rings, pump unit and water recycling system.

4. Production Filed

production filed capsule filling machine.jpg



5. Product detaills

           operation interface.jpgdetails 1.jpgdetails 2.jpg


7. Package and Delivery: 

Package: Strong Poly-wooden case suitable for long distance delivery

Delivery: by air, by sea or by courier as required.



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