Pectinase Enzyme Pectase Enzyme for juice making

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Pectinase is obtained by deep fermention of Aspergillus Niger. It can be widely used in manufacture of juice , vegetable juice and vine processing. It also be used in the process of feed , preservative for wood ,etc.
Working Mechanism:
Pectinase is one kind of compound bio-catalyst, with multiple ingredients.
It mainly contains PMGL, PG, PGL, PE.
Effective tem. range: 25-55℃
Optimum tem. is 50 -60℃
2. PH:
Effective PH range:3.5-6.0,
Optimum PH range 3.5-4.0
1.Solid type and liquid type 30000u/ml(g)50000u/ml(g)60000u/ml(g). Solid product is yellow powder ;liquid product is light brown
2. Unit definition:The amount of enzyme needed to hydrolyze 1mg of galacturonic acid in one hour at Ph3.5, 50.
Application Guide:
In the process of juice and vegetable,the recommend dosage is 0.3-1.0kg pectase /ton dry raw material .The solution of raw material should be adjusted to optimum range about the temperature and PH. before adding this enzyne. The needed temperature and PH should maintain during the processing of enzyme .
Package and Storage:
Plastic weave bag is used in solid type, 20kg/bag:Plastic drum is used in liquid type,25kg/drum. This product is organic biochemical substance,sunlight & high temperature will cause inactivation of enzyme. So, avoid exposure to sunlight when being transported. It should be kept in cool and dry place, or you need to increase its dosage .


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