Высокая точность 150A цифровой Ватт метр и Мощность анализатор w/Подсветка ЖК дисплей Anderson разъем Электрический анализатор для дрона с дистанционным управлением (62428449799)

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It can Measure capacity up to 60V and 200 A. Bright blue backlit LCD display. Measures 8 electrical

parameters:Amps, Volts, Watts, Amphours, Watt hours, Peak Amps, Minimum Volts (Sag)

Better than the dc ammeter of a digital multimeter (DMM) because of much higher current, lower insertion resistance and eight total measurements.


Product nameSizeWeightDisplayOEM
150A watt meter 85X42X25mm82gLCDYes


♦ Operate from 6-60V

0V with optional auxiliary battery

♦ Measure 0-150a.resolution 0.01A

0-60V.resolution 0.01V

0-6554W.resolution 0.1W

0-65AH.resolution 0.001AH

0-6554WH.resolution 0.1Wh

♦ 16x2,black lit LCD display

♦ Size:85*42*25mm


  • Measures DC Amps, Amp-hours, Watthours, Volts and Watts

  • Captures peak current, peak power, and minimum voltage (voltage sag) lasting a fraction of a second.

  • Easily reset accumulated readings using external pushbutton switch.

  • Rare combination of Voltmeter, DC Amp meter & Amp hour counting, Watthour and power analyzer features. Measures wide range of values not normally found on multimeters or low cost test equipment

  • Powered by the measured circuit or connect an auxiliary battery or DC power source to provided 3-pin socket

  • Reverse connection protection

  • Powerful, 8 MIPS micro-controller

  • Uses very low resistance (0.001 Ohm) shunt in negative (black wires) leads

  • Small size and lightweight

  • Full user's manual includes electrical tutorial

Example applications

  • RV battery monitor and battery chargers

  • Marine battery monitor and battery chargers

  • Golf cart batteries and chargers

  • Digital panel meter Ammeter

  • Wheelchair batteries and chargers

  • Solar Power batteries and chargers

  • Wind Power generators, batteries and chargers

  • Electroplating and metal plating Amp Hour measurement

  • Ham Radio & Amateur Radio base station equipment, battery monitoring and chargers

  • Electric bike batteries and chargers

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