Маленькая вакуумная эвтектическая машина V4 для лазера высокой мощности и источника света UVLED (62547487496)

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Product Overview


TORCH Small Vacuum eutectic machine V4 for high power laser and  UVLED                                                             light source                                                              Model: V3/V4/V5 



Product introduction:

  1. The name Laboratory vacuum reflow welding V3/V4/V5 is called according Vacuum , means professional industrial Vacuum reflow oven .

  2. Why chose Vacuum reflow oven? Recently ,the main welding tool is soldering iron ,reflow oven ,wave solder machine or other welding machine , and later update to Nitrogen reflow oven .But some welding , need high requirement of welding ,like material testing , Chip packing , Power equipment, Automotive products, Train control , Plane system, aerospace system, which need avoid the Empty and oxidation of welding. German vacuum reflow welder is the unique choice to reduce empty and oxidation. German vacuum reflow welder can make sure high quality of welding. Vacuum welding is the new technology in Germany , Japan, USA.

  3. Application of industry: Military enterprise , Research institutes ,University, Aerospace , and it’s the best choice for R&D , Process research .

  4. Application of field : suit for no defect welding and perfect no flux welding in Chip and PCB Board ,cover and board ,like IGBT package ,solder paste process ,laser diode package , IC package,MEMS and vacuum package .

  5. German vacuum reflow welder is the necessary equipment in Military enterprise, Aerospace in USA , European, also get university application in Chip package, electronic welding.


Feature of  laboratory vacuum reflow welding:

  1. Vacuum welding environment , can be up to 10-3mba (Molecular pump 10-6mba is optional)

  2. Low active flux welding environment

  3. Touch screen control and professional software, get perfect operation .

  4. 40 sections programmed temperature control system , can set perfect welding profile carve .

  5. Temperature setting used touch control model , and can be pulled the carve by hand.

  6. Unique water cool system , realize the fastest cooling.

  7. 4 temperature testing. Realize the measurement of temperature uniform in welding zone. Supply professional reference in process testing .

  8. Formic acid, nitrogen or other Inert gas suit for special welding process.

  9. Patent design in online real video system , can take video of every process and provide good reference for quality tracking , perfect data support in researching of welding and test in materials .

  10. Highest temperature :450 degree Celsius (higher temperature is optional) ,meet all soft welding needs.

  11. View window on the cover.

  12. 8 safety system monitor and protect system (Overtemperature protection , The temperature security protection , air pressure protection ,water pressure protection, safety operation protection ,water cool protection, liquid volume protection , power off protection )

Technical parameter of  laboratory vacuum reflow welding:

Model No




process chamber size








Height of oven

80mm (other height is optional)

Temperature range

up to 350-450°C


serial port /USB

Control way

40 sections temperature control + vacuum pressure control

Temperature curve

Can save 40 sections temperature curve

Power supply

AC220V, 25-5A


Standard configuration of  laboratory vacuum reflow welding :

Main body



Torch screen computer


4 thermocouple to measure on device , for external measurement tool


Pressure control


Closed loop water cooling system   


4 real temperature test mode


Vacuum pressure transfer


Inert gas or nitrogen control


Water box

V-Cool water machine

Cool water machine


Options and accessories of  laboratory vacuum reflow welding:


Chemcial resistant diaphragm pump for vacuum up to 10 mbar with manometer


Rotary vane pump for vacuum up to 10-3mbar


Turbomolecular pump system for vacuum up to 10-6mbar


Formic acid module (integrated in machine)


110V power supply


Standard spare part of  laboratory vacuum reflow welding:

Main body 1 set
Touch screen control computer1 set
Temperature control 1 set
Pressure control     1 set
Closed cycle water cool system1 set
4 real temperature test mode 1 set
Vacuum pressure transfer 1 set
Inert gas or nitrogen control 1 set
Water box         1 set
Cool water machine   1 set



Optional spare part of laboratory vacuum reflow welding:

Corrosion resistant diaphragm pump (10mba)    

Rotary vane pump (10-3mba)      

Whirling molecular pump (10-6mba)      

Formic acid(for V serial oven)      

Component fixer

110V power supply


 vacuum reflow oven


vacuum reflow oven V3 (3)


vacuum reflow oven v3 (4)


vacuum reflow oven v3 (16)vacuum reflow oven v3 (14)


Company Information

  TORCH CO,. Ltd was found in 2001, focus on R&D and production of SMT equipment. It has been the leader on SMT industry in domestic. TORCH Co,. Ltd keeps the faith “Intelligent production, Intelligently create future” and developed many SMT equipment by itself. At present, TORCH C., Ltd owns more than 100 patents, brands and software rights. Moreover, it also passed ISO9001, CE and other certifications. Strategic objectives: to optimize the technology based on keeping the existing mature development, production, sales and service mode and continue to consolidate and strengthen its advantage position in the SMT electronic equipment field, with existing key products as the center, to expand the supply chain has become the Internet + intelligent manufacturing electronic factory of 2025 and the overall solution project of industrial upgrading optimized brand.







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