Injection Packer for Concrete Crack Repair

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Method of Construction for Chemical Grouting System Accessory: injection packer


1. Before injection construction
Check the process procedure after finding the thickness, width and depth of crack and leakage condition of the structure. For wet surface, first clean water; for dry surface, clean dust. Carefully looking for crack points, use colored pens or chalk to mark along the cracks.

2. Drilling Operation
According to the thickness of concrete structures, from the crack of about 150 ~ 350mm, cross-drilled on both sides along the crack direction. 14mm diameter drill bit used. Holes and cracks in cross-section should be 45 degrees to 70 degrees cross, and the central cross in the bottom 1 / 2 range.

3. Packer Installation
Bury the packer with tools and fastening to ensure that the rubber part of the packer and the hole are dry before use, otherwise easily lead to slip when tightening.

4. Injection Operation
Injection should be started in elevation from bottom to top, when the foam material emerge from the cracks should immediately stop, and start again after a while. In the infusion process, if the material adjacent to the needle position has been filled, you can jump without injection. If found cracks extension in both ends or cracks with cross, should drill holes again and re-grouting.

5. Packer Removing Operation
Remove and break the packer by using vise pliers or hammer as a tool. If there is still a wet section, then inject the water stopping material again.

6. Finishing Operation
Remove the water stopping material that is remained on the crack section. Spread with the elastic sealing material.


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