Лучшее качество льготная цена XSG Серии SS304 вращающаяся сушилка для мыла (1600185238425)

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Product Overview


Product Overview

XSG Series Revolving flash dryer

XSG series rotary flash dryer is a new type of drying equipment developed by our company on the basis of introducing advanced foreign technology. The machine is advanced in technology, reasonable in design, compact in structure, wide in application range, large in production capacity, good in product quality, high in efficiency and energy saving. It is dried, pulverized and sieved once in one equipment to eliminate environmental pollution. Advanced level. The flash dryer has the original bearing induction cooling (water cooling). It is designed with oil pump to connect oil lubrication and cooling bearings. The sealing device has excellent performance. The semi-ring type is adopted in the spindle design. The motor uses the speed regulating motor to transmit smooth and noise small, the service life is 10 times that of the same type.


In order to quota you the right rotary flash dryer,we would like to get the
following information include in your inquiry:

1.What is the raw material?
Material related characteristic? Does it corrosive, strong basicity, or highly acid? Please confirm

2.What is the capacity per hour you need (kg/h)?

3.What is the initial moisture and final moisture of finished products you require to get?

4.What about the maximum heat temperature of raw material?

5.What kind of fuel you use to heat the dryer?
Natural gas, electricity, fuel oil or steam?

6.Which equipment material do you like prefer?
SUS304, SUS316L or Carbon steel?

7.Provide us your country’s electricity information
such as phases, voltage, HZ?

8.How about dust collect requirements?

9.Other special requirements?




1.Can I use this machine to extract some raw materials?
Yes, in order to help you better, we suggest you provide the name of the raw material you want to process.
2.Can I use my own raw materials for extraction test?
Yes, of course. We can do extraction tests and send videos and test reports for your reference.
3.Do you have OEM service? Do you provide parts?
Yes, we will, as long as you provide us with your drawings and detailed requirements.
4.How can we visit your factory?
You can fly to Changzhou airport, or if you arrive in Shanghai, you can tell us your specific location. We will arrange a driver to pick you up.
5.How to transport equipment?
We usually choose sea transportation. Laboratory models can be shipped by air according to customer requirements.
6.What is the voltage of the equipment?
The equipment voltage is 380V, if the user requires 220V, the specific can be customized according to the voltage standard of the country where your equipment is used.
7.what is your after-sales service?
We provide the English manual of the equipment manual. If you need, we will send an engineer to install and train workers.

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