16feet Large bigass HVLS ceiling fan in shops and workspaces

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16feet Large bigass HVLS ceiling fan in shops and workspaces 


Our HVLS ceiling fans is a new solution of Energy Saving to solve ventilation,cooling and dehumidification in large indoor place.

It is High Air Volume and Low Rotating Speed

Our HVLS Ceiling fan only have 6 blades.

From the center along the blades, blade's width and thickness gradually are narrowed and thin, in accordance with the modern aerodynamical  science, the whole blades drive more and even airflow downward, no empty zone in center area.


ModelDiameterMax SpeedCovering SpacingAir Volume (CFM)Moter PowerWeight
GFAN252500mm (8 FT)129rpm200m2400000.75kw70kg
GFAN313100mm (10FT)114rpm350m2740001.1kw75kw
GFAN333700mm (12FT)95rpm500m210200085kg
GFAN434300mm (14FT)83rpm600m2114000110kg
GFAN494900mm (16FT)75rpm900m21930001.5kw120kg
GFAN555500mm (18FT)70rpm1050m2255000123kg
GFAN616100mm (20FT)67rpm1200m2292000125kg
GFAN737300mm (24FT)53rpm1500m2363000130kg





1)High efficient air flow


2)Strengthen the air cycle effectively


3)Low cost and free maintenance


4)Provide cool air flow in summer and hot air cycle in winter


5)Large application area


6)Propeller blades guarantee safety




Environmental Protection


1)Very low enery consumption


2)Provide natural ventilation and lower the temperature effectively


3)Refresh the air continuosly


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