Automatic 4 stations motor stator coil winding and inserting machine for air conditioner motor (60803508169)

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Product Overview


Product Description


1. The main Features and Functions

The motor stator coil winding and inserting machine is a four-station automatic coil winding and coil inserting machine with three-head winding and one-head coil inserting, which collects A-phase winding, phase-to-phase insulation ferrule, groove-making, B-phase winding, phase-to-phase insulation ferrule, C Phase winding wire weaving, phase-to-phase insulation ferrule on one machine. During winding, the coil will be auto wound to the tooling, so as to avoid the wire damage and snap caused by wire cross and disorder during manual wire transfer. The coil winding and inserting station is controlled by the dual-power servo motor, and the parameters such as winding, pushing the line, pushing the height of the paper, and changing the product stack thickness can be set on the touch screen. With six stations wokring at the same time, the stator coil winding and inserting machine will be save labor cost, high efficiency, and can fulfill the 2-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole three-phase motor coil winding.

The coil winding and inserting machine uses the German Beckhoff CNC system as the control center; the Huichuan servo motor is the actuator; the Autonics sensor is the signal acquisition component. The data display and input adopt a touch monitor.

   The product is mature in technology, advanced in technology, reliable in quality, and convenient to use and maintain.


2. Application

This motor stator coil winding and inserting machine is suitable for miniature induction motors , air conditioner motors, washing machine motors, compressor motors, fan motors, generator motors, and pump motors, etc.


3. Technical parameters

Product name :

4 stations motor stator coil winding and inserting machine

Stator OD:


Stator ID:


Stack Height:


Appropriate Wire:


Height of Coil:


Winding stations:


Coil inserting stations:


Winding inserting mode:

chained   /same core

Power supply:

380V  50/60Hz

Watt :


Weight :





4.The picture display

1. Overall display of the winding machine


2. Winding process display


3. Coil insertion process display


Stator production

Motor stator manufacturing production assembly line including paper inserting machine, coil winding machine, coil winding inserting machine, lacing machine, forming machine and testing machine.NIDE can supply and manufacture about then ,and all the process will be done by machine automatically. Operator only needs to do loading and unloading. 

stator winding machine.jpg 

More Information


Established in 2007, Nide is a company devoted in the field of electric motors manufacturing, providing one-stop service for its customers.
Nide has three main business divisions.
The first division is to provide different kinds of motor manufacturing machinery, it is our Main business, including stand along machine, fully-auto complete line for armature and stator production, and the motor assembly line.
The second division is to supply the full range of motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, carbon brush, insulation paper, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover,etc.
The third division is to provide technical support and consulting, project support and turn-key service for some motor manufacturing.

Our machines are mainly applied to induction motors, BLDC motor, universal motor, three phase motor, single phase motor, AC motor, DC motor, such as washing machine motor, air conditioner motor, pump motor, cooler motor, alternator motor, fan motor, ceiling fan motor, compressor motor, power tool motor, vacuum cleaner motor, mixer motor,  series motor, electrical car motor, wheel hub motor, electric toothbrush motor, hair dryer motor, electric shaver motor,etc.




With good service, unique philosophy, professional team and reliable quality, we win the worldwide customers' confidence gradually. We directly and indirectly supply our products to more than 50 countries.


Customerized service
1. Customized product design and manufacturing
2. Customized tranning
3.Technical suggestions


After-sales service
1. Warranty Period: 12 month usually
2. Overseas service center available
3. Engineers available to service overseas


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