KJT-2D шнековый автомат бумажного сердечника-трубочных изготовительных машин в Китае (стандарты CE,

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Product Overview


KJT-2D Automatic spiral Paper core Tube making Machine with CE


A: Features of Main Machine

1.  This machine adopts the latest model of German and French made paper core winding machine,

2.  The way of driving system adopts helical bevel gear, it guarantees coiling with features of stable and great force.

3.  Latest model of wax lubrication system is adopted, which is similar to Japan-made type, therefore, this can maintain the friction coefficient between the paper core and center-shaft stable, and easier to control the spiral gap of paper core. This can improve the quality of paper core in an all-round way, and resolve the phenomenon of oil stain which through the oil lubricating method, so the bottom paper can keep its original features.

4.  Lengthen the main beam(longer than old type),so the force of belt and paper core is well-distributed, it can improve the degree of flat of paper core.

5.  Multi-layer paper rack ,it makes the multi-layer paper doesn’t need to  pass through the belt, it well in line with the design of main beam and raise the quality of paper core.

6.  The main beam is made of casting iron and through aging-treatment, it is durable and no-deformable.

7.  The flange shaft designed for adjustable, it cooperate with the taper center-shaft and fine tuning the inner diameter of paper core.

8.  The belt cylinder chromate treatment.

9.  Adopts German’s high speed low resistance cutting system, the cutting surface of core is much smooth and few waste.

10.  The driving system adopts gearshift, it can suitable for different kinds of paper core. If produce the thick wall paper core, you can choose the low speed. If you want to make thin paper core, you can shift to fast speed.

11.  The electric control system is in conformity with International Standard, it is easy to maintain and function stable.











B:Machine technical parameters:


 Paper tube inner diameter : Ø 76 mm - Ø 500 mm


Wall thickness: 2-15mm


Speed: 1 - 15 m / min 


Paper tube cutting length :1,000 mm - 4,000 mm


Paper gramme: 180 to 500GSM

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