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Product Overview


palletizer machine Mechanical palletizer Machine for Carton 


This automatic palletizer machine adopts PLC touch screen and intelligent control system, easy to operate and maintain. It can put the bags on the pallet in a fixed order and stack them automatically. The multilayer of palletzing enables the fork moves them into warehouse.


1. Touch screen shows the working capacity, reason and place of trouble has a high automatic degree. You can control the order of bags, stack layer, pallet feeding and output by putting them into the program with the help of PLC.

2. Only need to control the touch screen to adjust the type of palletzing. Stable and high effect palletzing may reduce labor a lot.

3. Bags supplying system is controlled by brake motor which can make the bags be conveyed according to the fixed order.

4. The pallet warehouse allow 12-15 empty pallets and realize supplying the pallets automatically,

5. Finish several kinds of palletizing without changing any parts.

6.Main brand of electric components

Photoelectric switch:SICK


Touch screen:SIEMENS

Lift &down Motor:NORD


Convey Motor:SEW








Automatic Bag Palletize Packing Line

Main components and technical specifications

1.Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor line can transport a wide variety of materials, can transport all kinds of bulk material, can transport all kinds of cartons, bags and other goods, and versatile.
 Structure forms, with trough belt conveyor, flat-belt machine, climbing belt, roll belt, knife belt, turning and other forms of belt, conveyor belt can also be an additional push on the plate, the side block board, skirts and other accessories to meet a variety of process requirements.

Smooth delivery, materials and there is no relative motion between the conveyor belt to transport materials to avoid damage.
With less noise than the other conveyor, suitable for relatively quiet working environment demands of the occasion.
Simple structure, easy maintenance; low energy consumption, low cost.


2.Cache Line 


3.Pressure charter


4.Weigher Check Machine


5. Automatic Big bag palletizer

Big bag palletizer is the product of the bags loaded, arranged according to a certain code on the tray, automatic stacking, stacking layers can be then introduced to facilitate forklift transported to the storage facility. This equipment uses PLC + touch screen controls, intelligent operations management, simple, easy to master. Can greatly reduce labor and reduce labor intensity. High-speed, stable, space saving design ideas. Separate off the board used, faster, more space-saving. Of a machine, adjust quickly, do not have to worry about replacing the product stack. Touch-screen operation to achieve human-computer dialogue, to show the production speed, failure causes and location, high degree of automation. It adopts PLC programmable sorting stacking layers of cartons, pallet supply and discharge can be programmed to control. Mainly used in fertilizers; feed; chemical; and cement industries. 





380V  50/60HZ  3.5KW

Suitable pallet


Pallet speed


Pallet height

less than 2000mm

Machine size


Note: This machine non-standard models based on user specific requirements of custom shall prevail.


6.Automatic Online Film Wrapping Machine


To meet the cargo containerization storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading of packaging requirements, design and manufacture of automatic film wrapping machine products, widely used and exports, food and beverage, irrigation system, paper, dyes, plastic chemicals, glass, ceramics, mechanical and electrical products such as container casting costs, improve production efficiency, to prevent damage to goods during handling, and dust, moisture and cleaning effect. Automatic off-line automatic packaging machine is a film with a PLC electrical control device packaging machinery, the use of stretch film tension winding of bulk objects or objects assembled, and packaged them into a whole. Machine in the room clean and non-wet environments better. Automatic winding cantilevered roof cover-One is the high-end market, the company developed in accordance with international international advanced intelligent packaging machinery. It uses a microcomputer for control of the core can be wound on the packaging, cover the top, automatic film winding down on the packaging operations, with a stable security, anti-interference ability, in high dust, high noise, electromagnetic interference and temperature variations intense work environment, but also has simple operation. Automatic top-off film + cover + winding one machine currently in the country and only we can produce a mature product so perfect.

Technical data

Optical Switch: Omron
Touch screen: SIEMENS
PLC: Mitsubishi
Drive: Mitsubishi
Motor: Taiwan city
Bearings: SKFn
Cylinder: TAIWAN



Company Information

SHANGHAI JOINSUN MACHINERY PROJECT CO.,LTD specialized in manufacturing and exporting conveyors and packing solutions for 10+ years, got high reputation from the customer Huangming solar energy, Coco cola, Unilever, Libai group, White cat group. We keep making unique innovation, try to do best service for your automation business.



1. Can you accept OEM?

A: Yes, we can. We had 8years OEM experience.

2. What’s the MOQ of order?

A: MOQ is 1 set

3. Can you make a general proposal for us if we have no technical engineer?

A: Yes, sure. We can offer the professional suggestions and proposal design for you freely.

4. How long is the delivery time?

A: Most simple and standard type is 3~7days, non-standard design depends on per order.

5. How about your machine quality control ?

 A: 48 hours testing before the shipment, there is a specialized quality control engineer to check the processing quality for each step and strictly obey the ISO,CE rules.

6. How about after-sale service?

A: We will make a completely installation and manual operation attached with shipment. If the customer still have question aboard, we will guide the customer by phone, email, or video firstly, engineers available to service overseas if necessary, the customer will bear all travel expense.



Thanks for your attention to our machines, If  you are interested in any of our equipments, Please feel free to contact us. As a professional packing Machine manufacturer & exporter.We would like to provide you with high-quality packaging machinery and excellent after-sale service.


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