Цифровой аудио усилитель зазора GAP 3255 Bluetoeeth 5,0 высокой мощности класса D 2,0 каналов 325 Вт * 2 AMP DAC PCM5102 декодирование для телефона (62416397017)

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GAP-3255 Bluetoeeth 5.0 High Power Digital Audio Amplifier Class D 2.0 Channel 325W*2 AMP DAC PCM5102 Decoding For Phone

Product Description


Product Description:
The TPA3255 is a high performance Class D power amplifier with Class D efficiency and true to high-end sound quality. The device
features an advanced integrated feedback design and proprietary high-speed gate driver error correction (PurePathTM Ultra HD).
This technology allows the device to maintain ultra-low distortion throughout the audio band while delivering perfect sound
1. Using original TPA3255 digital power amplifier chip, PCM5102 decoder chip, Qualcomm QCC3003 5.0 blueteeth chip
2. The main filter electrolytic capacitor 1000UF/50V ensures a strong and continuous power support.
3. The red-ash ring high-current audio special inductor is used to ensure the sound is crisp and powerful.
4.PCB adopts 1.6mm thick double-sided sheet, 2.0 oz copper thickness, and tin-spraying process to ensure good passing performance
of large and small currents. First-class PCB quality.
5. This machine adopts all-aluminum chassis, and the surface of the chassis is all processed by wire drawing oxidation coloring
6. 5.0 Blueteeth version uses all-aluminum precision knob, feels very good
7. Input method: analog and Blueteeth input function. When two modes are input at the same time, the Blueteeth input is
prioritized. After the Blueteeth connection, the RCA input is automatically disconnected; when the analog input is required,
please turn off the Blueteeth function of the mobile phone to switch.

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