Высокая точность фильтрации KSJ 2.2S серии портативный дымоуловитель для Промышленный сварочный резочный аппарат (62553321792)

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Product Overview


high filtering precision KSJ-2.2S series mobile fume extractor for industrial welding cutting machine




1.Apply to all kinds of soot purifications caused by welding, grinding, as well as recycling of rare metals, precious materials, etc.



2.For the potential of fire and molten slag particles, two protective measures are used inside purifier, to make it a longer life,

   more secure and reliable.



3.For the KSJ-2.2S semi-automatic model purifier, its electric control is simple, automatically cleaning relying on the internal

   pressure sensors, and also can by manual. Filter rotates with the use of semi-automatic cleaning in all directions, so that

   there is a more thorough cleaning filter surface,  to guarantee a constant air volume absorption.Filter is made of  imported

   microporous PTFE film , filtering with high precision can meet GB indoor emission standards.



4. Power phase sequence instructions,  short-circuit protection for lack of phase, with shutdown protection measures when too

    high temperature.



5.  With large air volume, low noise and better capture effect. Suction hose uses the real anti-temperature, wear-resistant

    compounded materials, without crack and damage to sparks, its life shorter than the model of intelligent.



6. Suction arm can be rotated 360 °, and reach the point of destination and angle of inhale dust and air by pulling the handle of

    the hood with the operator’s will flexibly and easily and position by itself in the absence of external force. Depending on

    needs, 2m, 3m or 4m flexible suction arm are optional.



7. Suction arm uses real temperature-resistant, flame retardant and wear-resistant composite materials, and will not crack

    after burning through by spark with longer life; the arm diameter is160mm.




Working Principle


Fume generated in working will be sucked into the extractor through the hood, first through the fire resistance net, large particles and sparks produced in grinding is intercepted and separated. Then enter fume directing layer, the deflector to ramify the fume to avoid residual spark into the main filter cartridge directly . At last the fume enters the third layer the main filter cartridge for ultimate purification, and it's filtration efficiency can reach 99.9% . As the filtering precision of the main filter cartridge reach the indoor emission standards, after filtration clean air can be directly discharged indoor through  the air vent in the bottom fo the extractor. 


On the control panel, it displays.

--Fan Switch







Treatment of air flow

2000 m3/h

Motor Power

2.2 kW

Working Voltage

3×380V/50 Hz or 3×220/60Hz

Filtering Material

Nanometer Fiber

Filtering area


Filtration efficiency


Filtering Precision


Filter Cartridge


Cleaning Way

Manual Cleaning

Maximum Pressue


Compressed Air

0.5~0.6 MPa






135±5 Kg



World Market


Our world market



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