Новая таблица кромочный фрезерный станок SP2217-II

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NEW table edge milling machine SP2217-II!!!!!

utilizes integral vertical column and robust construction designs to 

achieve impressive higher stability, lower structural loss and longer durability, what’s more, 

gears and spindle boxes are both precisely processed to ensure and maintain a high level of 

accuracy during either milling, drilling, boring or grinding occasions.


Every Sumore Milling Machine is suitable for both rough & faster manual operation, accurate 

& slower turbine operation. Thanks for the features like, variable speed of spindle, digital speed 

or cutting depth readout, dedicated metric or imperial leadscrews and dials, 45°/90° left and 

right head tilt angles, Sumore Milling Machine is finally allowed to participate into a various 

of metalworking applications.

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  • Exceptional SUMORE Quality
  • Individual Accuracy Test with Each Machine

  • Robust Construction & Stable Performance
  • Brushless Motor & Variable Spindle Speed
  • Fine & Smooth Feeding Movement on Every Directions
  • High Precision for Model Engineering
  • Changable Table Length for Different Workpieces
  • Optional Spindle Speed & Cutting Depth Digital Readout
  • Optional Automatic Longitudinal Feeder
Technical Data


Drilling Capacity16 mm20 mm
End Mill Capacity16 mm20 mm
Face Mill Capacity50 mm63 mm
Longitudinal Axis Travel (X)220 mm280 / 480 mm
Cross Axis Travel (Y)160 mm175 mm
Headstoeck Axis Travel (Z)210 mm270 mm
Table Effective Size400x120 mm500 / 700 x 180 mm
Spindle TaperMT2MT2
Spindle Speed Range50-2,250 rpm50-2,250 rpm
Spindle Stroke50 mm50 mm
T-slot Size10mm12 mm
Head Tilt Angle (Left / Right)45° /  45°45° /  45°
Motor Power500 W750 W
Net Weight70 kg110 / 122 kg
Packing Size (LxWxH)500 x 450 x 760 mm670 / 870 x 550 x 860 mm
Gross Weight90 kg135 / 147 kg


Drilling Capacity25 mm32 mm
End Mill Capacity20 mm25 mm
Face Mill Capacity63 mm80 mm
Longitudinal Axis Travel (X)280 / 480 mm425 / 565 mm
Cross Axis Travel (Y)175mm220 mm
Headstoeck Axis Travel (Z)270mm360 mm
Table Effective Size500 / 700 x 180 mm700 / 840 x 210 mm
Spindle TaperMT3/R8MT3/R8
Spindle Speed Range50-2,250 rpm50-2,250 rpm
Spindle Stroke50 mm70 mm
T-slot Size12 mm14 mm
Head Tilt Angle (Left / Right)45° /  45°45° /  45°
Motor Power750 W1.1KW
Net Weight113 / 125 kg220 / 240 kg
Packing Size (LxWxH)670 / 870 x 550 x 860 mm710 / 850 x 890 x1,150 mm
Gross Weight138 / 150 kg250 / 275 kg


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Standard AccessoriesOptional Accessories
Drill ChuckAutomatic Worktable Feeder
Wrench SetSpindle Speed Digital Readout
Toolbox and maintain toolsCutting Depth Digital Readout
Oil TrayClamping Kit
Manual Instruction & Parts ListMill Chuck
 Milling Set
 Tapping Set
 Boring Set
 Swivel Worktable
 Work Light


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Company Information


Shanghai Sumore Industrial Co., Ltd. (Sumore Machinery) was established back into year

2001. The core business of Sumore Machinery was focused on full machinery business chain,

which involves research and development, fabrication and production, foreign trading and

domestic sales on a wild range of products, such as power tools, woodworking equipments,

metal-processing machines and all related accessories.

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