YJJ FPM 15PG pressure sensor air (62066402772)

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Product Description

pressure sensor FPM-15PG

Model/Rated pressure 02PG 05PG 07PG 15PG 30PG 50PG 70PG 120PG unit

Recommended operating conditions

Pressure type Gauge pressure

Rated pressure

13.79 34.47 48.26 103.4 206.8 344.7 482.6 827.4 kPa

0.141 0.352 0.492 1.055 2.109 3.516 4.922 8.437 kg/cm2

Measurable pressure range 13.79-827.9 kPa

Pressure media FPM, FHM : Non-corrosive gas only, FPMC, FHMC : Non-corrosive gas and liquid

Excitation current(Constant) 1.5 mADC

Absolute maximum rating

Maximum load pressure Twice of rated pressure 1.5times of rated pressure

Maximum excitation current 3 mADC

Operating temperature 20 100

Storage temperature 40 120

Operating humidity 30 80(No dew condensation) RH

Electric performances/characteristics(Excitation current I=1.5mA constant, Ambient temperature Ta=25 )

Full scale span voltage 60 140 mV

Offset voltage 20 mV

Bridge impedance 4000 6000

Mechanical response time 2(For the reference) msec


Temperature sensitivity of offset(TSO) 5 FS/0 50

Temperature coefficient of sensitivity(TCS) 2.5 FS/0 50

Linearity 0.5 0.3 0.5 0.6 FS

Pressure hystersis 0.4 0.2 0.4 FS




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lShenzhen Yijiajie Science Technologies Co., Ltd., focuses on major OEM-oriented sensor sales; provides world-renowned manufacturers with regional sales and technical support services in Sensors & Controls products; and is also one of professional Sensors & Controls products suppliers in China and Hong Kong regions. Our headquarters was founded in Hong Kong in 2002; and Shenzhen Company is located in Central Business District (CBD) of Shenzhen, close to Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Our company has large stock inventory in Shenzhen and Hong Kong; can order directly from abroad with fast delivery; hopes to work together with domestic manufacturers; and provides your company with quality and satisfactory products to make your products more competitive. We sincerely look forward to working with you.

Agent Products
Yijiajie Science Technologies is an authorized agent or distributor of U.S. FREESCALE, GE, and MEAS full series silicon pressure sensors; U.S. HONEYWELL pressure temperature & humidity, gas flow, current, and Hall effect full series Sensors & Controls products; Japanese HAMAMATSU flames, ultraviolet sensors, and photodiode; Japanese FIGARO & British CITY Alphasense full series semiconductor, catalytic, and electrochemical gas sensors; French HUMIREL humidity sensors; Korean SYHITECH dust sensors; Singapore Agilsense HB series microwave movement sensors, and other well-known international companies. We provide clients with product information, product solutions, product selection, supply support and logistics services.


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