Анод с титановым покрытием MMO для электролиза алюминия

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MMO Coating Titanium Anode
Substrate material
Pure Titanium Gr1/Gr2
Coating material
 Iridium, Ruthenium
Current density
< 20000 A/M2
Nobel metal content
15 g/M2—100 g/M2
Different dimension and shape is available
Content of florin ions
< 50 mg/L
pH value
Enhanced life
40k mA/M2, 1 mol/L H2SO4, h=1200 h
1 Piece,sample order available

1.What is a titanium anode?
The titanium anode is called a titanium-based metal oxide coated titanium anode (MMO). Also called KSA anode. (Dimensional shape stable anode). It uses titanium as the substrate and brushes the precious metal coating on the titanium substrate to make it have good electrocatalytic activity and electrical conductivity.

2.What is the role of the metal oxide coating on the titanium anode?
By covering different coatings, the electrical conductivity and
electrocatalytic activity are enhanced, the electrolysis reaction
process is promoted, and the service life of the anode in different
use environments is prolonged to achieve the intended use effect.

3.What is anode passivation?
When the wire is immersed in dilute nitric acid, the wire will dissolve
quickly, but when the wire is placed in concentrated nitric acid,
the dissolution of the wire is almost completely stopped. At this time,
if the wire is replayed back In dilute nitric acid, the iron wire is no longer
dissolved. It is impossible to see what changes the surface of the wire
with the naked eye or even with a microscope. It is considered that
the wire is in a passivated state at this time.

4.Thickness of metal oxide coating on titanium anode:
The electrocatalytic reaction is mainly the precious metal in the coating.
Only the precious metal content can meet the requirements of use to
ensure the normal operation of the anode product. The thickness is
only an appearance, which is mainly determined by the number of
passes of the brush and the concentration of the solvent, and the content
of the precious metal. How much is not directly related, too thick coating
is more likely to fall off.

Anode selection
If the customer does not know what anode to use, we need the customer to provide the anode working environment and medium:
1. Current density per square meter. (The intensity of the current carried by a single anode divided by the surface area of the electrode)
2. Temperature.
3. PH value.
4. The composition and proportion of the solution.
5. Products or uses produced.

Chlorine anode
tantalum coating titanium electrode
high chloride ion content in the electrolyte, generally in the hydrochloric acid environment and electrolyzed seawater, electrolyzed brine environment. Corresponding to our company's products are Ru-Ir Titanium anode, bismuth tin titanium anode.
Platinum-plated anode
platinum titanium mesh/platinum titanium plate
titanium is the substrate. The surface is plated with precious metal platinum, and the thickness of the coating is generally 1-5 um (micrometers). Platinum titanium mesh mesh specifications are generally 12.7 * 4.5mm or 6 * 3.5mm.

Anode selection
1. Dimension Stable; it is unchangeable for space between
electrodes during electrolysis; cell voltage is stable that makes
electrolysis operation guaranteed well.
2. Lower working voltage and small energy consumption;
3. Titanium anodes have longer working life.
4. Compared with soluble graphite anode and lead anode,
titanium anodes are avoiding any pollution to electrolyte and
products on cathode.
5. Increasing current density is available, which can boost
production efficiency.
6. It can be worked in stronger corrosive medium or other special
medium because of its better anti-corrosion property.
7. Short circuit is easily happened if lead anode is out of shape
during working. However, titanium anode can avoid this problem and increase current efficiency.
8. Light weight can easily to be installed.
9. Different shape is available with high accuracy.

Company Profile

Zhongrui Electrolytic Organic Synthesis has the advantages of less pollution, high product yield and purity, short process flow and mild reaction conditions.
The main products produced by Dongguan Zhongrui are: platinized titanium electrode, titanium coated electrode, titanium coated titanium Electrode, barium-titanium electrode, barium-titanium electrode, barium-titanium electrode, electrolytic cell, rare metal materials and environmental protection equipment, environmental protection engineering, etc.

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